Violent Decision Making In Outsiders And Lord Of The Flies

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In S.E Hinton’s The outsider’s and William Golding’s lord of the flies’ violent decision making results in chaos. In Both Novels ferocious acts results in isolation, loss of innocence and Loyalty. The widening isolation is shown in the outsider’s when pony boys parents die and his left home alone with his brothers and is always isolated and goes out alone. And in Lord of the flies when the plane crashes and only young kids and teenagers survive they are left alone on a desert island trying to survive. Loyalty is demonstrated in the outsiders by being loyal to your gang and have each other back for the Socs. And in Lord of the flies Piggy is Loyal to ralph by being the only person not to join Jack and the Hunters. The Authors both highlight the key similarities those demonstrated by conflict/violence, love/loyalty to your group or gang, and toughness {being outside your comfort zone}. All of these themes during the novel to an extent forms the foundation of most characters’ personal identity.

Violent decision Making resulting in chaos is evident in William Golding’s Lord of the flies published in [1954} and S.E Hinton’s The Outsiders published in {1984}. In the novel 'Lord of the Flies', Golding uses the theme of violence surfacing throughout the text. ... However dark traits of the island start to become prominent which begins to open Golding's theme of violence. The main astonishing key moments of violence in Lord of the flies Where the Death of Simon and Piggy they where some of the main key moments in the Novel. The Murder of Simon “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! “The blue-white scar was constant, the noise unendurable. Simon was crying out something about a dead man on a hill. He Ran down to the Beach in agony where all the other boys where. They viscously scampered towards Simon calling him ‘the Beast’ as he got brutally and heartlessly Murdered. After The Death of Simon, it become real to the boys that people can die on this island as piggy was a great example of another ruthless manslaughter. Piggy’s Natural leadership and general knowledge is threatened by the savagery of the hunters who steal his glasses and make him feel less of himself and self conscious about sharing his often good opinions. When Jack and Ralph go to find piggy’s glasses. Roger releases the boulder with 'delirious abandonment' and it strikes Piggy, hurling him downward to death, symbolizing the end of all rationality and civilized behaviour on the Island. In Both novels violence is the main asset. The outsiders display great examples of violence examples being the greasers and the socs when Johnny in self defence killed Bob. Pony boy and Johnny where in the park Alone when ‘the socs’ got out of their mustang and destructively approached the boys after exchanging a few insults, one of the Socs grabs Pony boy and clenches his head under water in a fountain until he passes out. Pony boy and Johnny both thought Pony boy was going to drown that night. When Pony boy regains consciousness, Bob is dead. Johnny stabbed him in self-defence. These are all examples of violent decision making resulting in chaos in Lord of the flies and the outsiders.

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In Lord of the flies and the outsider’s ferocious acts results in Loss on innocence. Both Author’s S.E Hinton and William Golding illustrate the theme of Loss of innocence with many illustrations. In Lord of the flies before the plane crashed they where Posh civilised English school kids who lived regular lives. The boys on the island where the only survivor’s and where all very young. Without any real Adult steady leadership their behaviour and innocence transformed into a group of uncivilized beats on a island. Ultimately, Jack has descended so far away from innocence that he actually hunts Ralph, intending to kill him like a pig and impale his head on the stick they have sharpened at both ends. Finally, the deaths Piggy and Simon that occur on the island show the fall from innocence. In the outsiders the characters Pony boy and loose their innocence from being regular high school kids and having a good education. To end up dropping out and having their parents die tragically in a car crash and live home alone with their brother. Johnny killed Bob an arch enemy in self defence and going into hideout with pony boy hiding from the police provides examples of ferocious acts and loss of innocence.

In lord of the flies and the Outsiders loyalty and isolation are the result of violent decision making. The state of Isolation can also result in violent decision making. In both novels being Loyal to your mates, gang or group is crucial in staying alive and safe. In lord of the flies’ examples of loyalty are piggy and Ralph stayed loyal to each other by not joining Jack and the hunters where everyone was going but instead they stood up for what they believed in. Piggy is loyal to Ralph and believes in him. He stands up for Ralph when Jack challenges Ralph's leadership, and he encourages the others to stay true their elected leader. 'Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.' In the outsiders Loyalty is demonstrated through pony boy’s words “Loyalty is the thread that holds his gang together. It cuts across their differences. They're loyal to each other because they know each other well, have grown up together, and have faced hard times together.” And loyalty to each other helps keep them protected and out of suffering/trouble. Pony boys older brother Darry shows loyalty to pony boy and sodapop through unconditional love and always having their backs through thick and thin no matter what happens. In Lord of the flies’ isolation is a common theme that happened to all the boys on the island. All of them are isolated from their regular egalitarian society and are forced to create a life and build a foundation from a desert island by making their own rules. Ralph a main leader on the island finds himself isolated as jack threatens his leadership and persuades everyone to come join him and the hunters. After Piggy’s tragic death, Ralph was well and truly isolated from the rest of society and was threatened to be killed. In the outsider’s isolation is also a mutual theme with Johnny often being isolated from his non-loving and welcoming family who aren’t nice and kick him out of the house. Johnny is often sleeping in the park at night all alone if he’s not with his best mate Pony boy. Pony Boy and Johnny where isolated from civilization when Johnny killed bob. They fled the city and lived in a church for a week all alone hiding from the authorities.

Overall In S.E Hinton’s The outsider’s and William Golding’s lord of the flies’ violent decision making results in chaos. In Both Novels ferocious acts results in isolation, loss of innocence and Loyalty. Both the Outsiders and Lord of the flies share very common themes and traits.

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