Value of Volunteers and Their Help to the Needy': Critical Essay

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Mexico City volunteers formed human chains and rescued people trapped in the remains of apartments that collapsed after a massive earthquake. Mexico City’s mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, said about 40 buildings were destroyed by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck the city in 2017. The earthquake caused at least 230 deaths. 100 of them died in the capital. Dozens of volunteers formed villages on the collapsed apartment grounds and carried tiles out of the area. In another building, volunteers worked together to carry stretchers and helped rescue workers.

Volunteers helped the residents of Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo and repaired the roof damaged by the typhoon. On the first day of the three-day weekend, more than 100 volunteers gathered in Tateyama City. A man wearing a helmet and using a safety rope climbed on the roof, piled up tiles, and spread tarps. The volunteer construction worker was one of many people helping to repair a house whose roof was destroyed by a typhoon. He said they wanted to cover as much roof as possible before it began to rain. A 70-year-old woman living alone said she was worried that another typhoon would leak more rain into her home. She said she was pleased that the volunteers helped.

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After finding a missing 2-year-old boy in Oita Prefecture, Haruo Obata, who was called a ‘super volunteer’, was praised for his volunteering spirit and behavior in his hometown of Hiji City, Oita Prefecture. The police had not yet found a clue about the boy's whereabouts. Obata found him and surprised many people. He said: “I will continue volunteering as long as the body allows”. The various volunteer activities he participated in led people to call him a super volunteer. He is a mountain climbing enthusiast and has been preparing a mountain trail for 30 years at Mount Yufu in Oita Prefecture. The stairs he created allow the climber to climb a steep slope. After the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, Mr. Obata went to Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, one of the most severely affected areas to find photo albums and other memorabilia. They were buried in debris and returned to the owner. After finding a missing boy in Suo-Oshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, in August, Obata took few breaks before going to volunteers in Hiroshima until the end of August. Obata will eat and sleep in the microvan during volunteer activities. “I want you to take part in the mud work. It takes just an hour. The people affected by the disaster greatly value your work”, he said.

I think that Japan was a country with many natural disasters. We have experienced various disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons. As a result, there are many dead and injured people. I think we have overcome many of these disasters with the help of volunteers. I think there are many people who could not help without the help of volunteers. In addition to natural disasters, I learned that searching for missing people, like Mr. Obata, is one of volunteer activities. I was surprised that volunteer found it even though the police could not find it. I understood the importance of helping others and that someone's little actions could save a person's life. I have only participated in volunteers to pick up trash. I will participate in the Olympic Volunteers in 2020, so I will do my best to help people.

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