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The Importance Of Volunteering In The Public Services

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Many public services need member of staffs that will have the capability to work without receiving any money due to having to cope with emergency calls and accidents. Also, many public services don’t have the capability to pay new employees. This refers to having to provide the public with the right equipment and use the money received wisely. Having staff members that are expertise will allow the public services to serve the public more efficiently. For example, the paramedics have to deal with the public people and respond to emergency calls. Paramedics may need people form the public to volunteer to help them whilst responding to emergency calls. Responding to an emergency call can be difficult. For example, if there has been a car crash and there is people from the public severely injured. The paramedic service needs to have enough staff members to have the capability to treat people that are injured. People that have volunteered for the paramedic service will be able to call other emergency services if needed and make sure that the public people are away from the accident and prevent further injuries.

Provide time- public services may decide to go on strike due to the pay. Many public services don’t receive the money that they require. This therefore, leads to staff members and people within the public to protest. This therefore, leads the public people having the fear of not having an emergency service responding to an accident. However, public services do work together and help the public people by responding to emergency calls and serving the public people. If public services were not working together, then many accidents could lead to severe issues and injuries. If injuries are not treated than people within our public could lose their lives. So, workers that go on strike effect the public people due to not carrying out their job role effectively. If st John ambulance was to go on strike then the armed service will be able to respond to emergency calls and serve the public people. This therefore will prevent further injuries.

Many public services struggle to respond to emergency calls immediately. So, having volunteers will allow people that are paid to respond more efficiently and effectively. This therefore, will prevent further incidents from happening. Also, people that are working for the police force may also need people from our public to volunteer due to having to deal with the public constantly. It also, could be very difficult to deal with the public constantly so having staff members that are volunteer will allow paid staff members to carry out their job role more effectively without stressing. Stressing can cause staff members to not perform effectively. Volunteer staff members can help by making sure that people within our public are not approaching staff members while in act.

Responding to emergency calls could be very difficult and challenging many public services have difficulties responding to emergency calls due to staff members calling in sick and not attending work. This causes paid staff members having to do more work by responding to emergency calls within seconds. For example, when the ambulance service receives a call where someone has had a car crash, they have to have the capability to respond immediately to treat people that are injured. Volunteer staff members will also help public services by allowing other public services to respond immediately to other emergency services.

Raise funds- the public services will be able raise money for charities that are connected to public services or related to public services. Also, they can help another Charites. Many public services may not have time to help their community so having staff members that are willing to volunteer will allow public services to raise money for Charites and help their community more often. An example of a charity could be British red cross. This charity is connected to the armed force which will allow public services to raise money more often due to having volunteer staff members that will help them out.

Within our community every volunteering work has different qualities, skills and experiences. Some volunteer jobs are more based on working with others and helping participants some volunteering is based on working amongst yourself.

For example, working with animas may be oriented with working on your own when treating animals or ask team members to take of the animals that are waiting to be treated. Within this volunteering sector you need to be able to cooperate with the public people that are attending the vet. When with animals you are also responsible of taking care and helping your colleagues.

Where on the other hand, volunteering to work with children’s you must be able to cooperate effectively and be able to understand children and cooperate effectively. Also, when working with children you must be able to stay calm and listen to their point of view without disturbing them.

Both of volunteering sectors that I have spoke about requires you as person to be work together.

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The difference between the two-volunteering sector is that animal volunteering is about taking care of animals that is injured and help colleagues out whilst treating the animal. Whereas, working with children requires you as person to understand them and be to cooperate effectively.

You can make a difference in your local area by donating just a few hours each week. From helping with a community-based recycling scheme through to providing support over local health issues, there are many ways to help.

Many local projects also offer 'commitment free' options for people with limited time. For example, if you have a free day one weekend, you can go to a footpath clearance project and spend a few hours helping. No pre-existing skills or training are required and everyone 'mucks in' with the tasks.

Many community volunteers pick local projects so they can see the difference their time makes. Physical changes, such as improving parks and open spaces will make the environment a better place to live. Also, social changes can be seen from assisting those who are socially deprived. This may help to build confidence and skills.

When working as a voluntary you must be able to cooperate effectively and be able to underestimate what you are required to do. Without cooperating you will not be to carry out your role effectively. This is because in order to manage and achieve something within the voluntary sector you are working you must be able to cooperate and understand the participants. Many people may find it difficult to cooperate but if you approach participants within a kind way then the participants taking part will feel more welcomed. And be able to express themselves leisurelier. For example, if you were to work for a charity that works with elderly people you must be to cooperate effectively to be able to help them as they may need support.

When working for a voluntary sector you must be able to work within a team and be able to achieve activities together. When working within a voluntary sector you must be able to work within a team effectively. Also, you must be able to understand that when volunteering you must be able to work within a team effectively. For example, when volunteering for sport coaching you must be able to work within a team effectively and show participants how to work within a team effectively. Also, working as a sport coach many people that participate will look upon you. This, therefore, means you must be able to set an example. Overall, teamwork Is important due to having set an example to participants and to achieve a goal you must be able to work within a team to achieve the task that has been set.

When working as a volunteer you must be able manage your time and be on time. Volunteering can be difficult for some people that are working but you have the capability to make time schedule the times you are able attend. Time management is very important you must be able to manage your time and turn up on time. Participants will be waiting and the employees will be accepting you as volunteer to turn up on time. Also, being on time will show the passion and joy you have for your volunteering sector. For example, when volunteering to work with children’s indeed you must be able to attend on time to be help them out and cooperate effectively and set a good example.

Overall, as a volunteer you must have the will to help others and communicate with ne people effectively and understand them and help them without doubting it.

Communication – It is essential to be able to communicate with others whilst volunteering as volunteering involves a lot of communication with different people with different backgrounds, ages etc... You must communicate with one another to organise or carry out anything and be able to do volunteer work. Some volunteer work simply needs you to communicate with others. • Organisation – volunteer work requires you to organise it either yourself or in a group and then any activities, fundraising or similar as well. Therefore, being able to organise is an important skill for volunteer as without it there is no volunteer work or the volunteer work done is inefficient and disorganised. • Empathy – In volunteer work it is often necessary to empathetic towards other people and understands the situation there in and how they feel about that situation. Being able to empathise or at least appear to is an important skill in being able to work with people and communicate with them. This skill is especially important when dealing with individuals who have had traumatic experiences or who are not emotionally mature. • Discipline – When doing volunteer work, it is important to have discipline, both for yourself and others around you. Whilst there is no need to be hard on discipline for effective volunteer work you must be disciplined. Discipline means that organisation and communication are made easier, everyone knows what they should be doing and more importantly not doing and what will happen to them if they step out of line. • Listening – Tied in with empathy is listening, this is an important skill in developing communication too. Listening means that you listening to people and take in what they are saying rather than just pretending to hear otherwise you can`t understand what they are saying and can`t empathise or communicate back effectively to them. • Limiting – A another important skill in volunteer work is limiting yourself. Being able to limit your strength for instance is very important especially when working with children as they may get easily hurt otherwise. Limiting is also part of developing your discipline.

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