Strategic Management In Community Service

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Executive summary

People—diverse, passionate and committed—make Bahrain strong. Through national service and volunteering, Bahraini from all walks of life contribute to their communities and the nation. Today’s social and economic challenges are complex and require comprehensive, integrated and innovative approaches to shape solutions that work. Engaged citizens are at the center of these solutions.

Clean Up Bahrain (CUB) empowers and supports Bahraini to tackle persistent challenges such as helping youth succeed in school, securing safe space in beach for families, or helping communities respond to disasters. Through this work, (CUB) achieves its mission of improving lives, strengthening communities and fortifying the civic health of our nation.

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CUB, a non-profit organization, brings leadership, resources, coordination, focus, and scale to Bahrain’s voluntary sector. Our programs unite the passion, commitment and talent of participants with the assets of community organizations and the funding from public and private sectors to build enduring community capacity to solve problems. CUB supports a network of state service commissions, intermediary organizations, grantees and sponsors (the national service network) through which millions of Bahrainis help the most vulnerable citizens, improve their neighborhoods, and transform their own lives. As a result of the network, citizen-centered solutions take root, are sustained, and transform communities and the nation.

For more than 15 years, successive Administrations of both parties have made investments in national service to engage citizens in solving problems and build the capacity of Bahrain’s voluntary sector.

We have an opportunity to leverage the effective programs of the national service network to drive toward a specific set of results on critical national issues. We will produce these results by investing in effective local initiatives, engaging more Bahrainis in service, supporting evidence-based programs, and leveraging public-private partnerships.

To focus our efforts, CUB has the following four strategic goals. These goals are the foundation for our Strategic Plan. They also challenge us to lead and operate at the highest level of accountability, integrity and transparency.

  1. Increase the impact of national service on community needs in communities served by CUB-supported programs. CUB invests in community programs and projects that achieve outcomes in Education, Environmental Stewardship and Healthy Futures. Going forward, our new investments will focus on achieving a specific set of outcomes in these areas.
  2. Strengthen national service so that participants engaged in CUB-supported programs consistently find satisfaction, meaning and opportunity. CUB supports the national service network in providing experiences that offer a unique combination of professional, educational and life benefits to service participants. The network also recruits a diversity of Bahrainis, especially those from underrepresented populations. We will collaborate with the national service network to strengthen outreach efforts in underserved communities and to implement best practices that ensure a powerful service experience.
  3. Maximize the value we add to grantees, partners and participants. To support our focus on a specific set of community outcomes and a powerful service experience, CUB will develop a relevant and accessible knowledge base informed by research and rigorous evaluation, and conduct capacity building activities that advance the adoption of best practices.
  4. Fortify management operations and sustain a capable, responsive and accountable organization. We will work across programs and enhance our operations to support evidence-based decision making and a culture of performance. We will build upon our current infrastructure to strengthen and enhance our information technology systems, workforce and financial and grants management efforts.


The teams from Clean Up Bahrain, in collaboration with major stakeholders, have developed the Community Development Strategic Plan 2014-2019 in order to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of the unit to better meet the needs of those who traditionally have difficulty in their work.
  • Effectively implement Community Development priorities highlighted in Corporate Plan
  • Set clear direction as to the achievement of these priorities and measurable outcomes
  • Recognize the skills of the unit staff and enhance capability, competence and capacity.

Clean Up Bahrain has a vision for the future where the region thrives and inspires in the way it balances economic development, environmental management and social well-being. The Community Development Strategic Plan codifies our commitment to delivering the community outcome priorities of the community expressed in the Corporate Plan.

CUB is developing policies that promote community self-sufficiency through social infrastructure provision and improvements that advance community safety.

CUB works collaboratively with a diverse range of stakeholders to understand and represent the special needs of all the different groups within our region. Working through this Community Development Strategic Plan will ensure our work with our community stakeholders will be focused and responsive to community needs and aspirations.

Our Purpose

Clean Up Bahrain assists the community in the process of capacity building, forming strategic partnerships, empowerment and ensuring the sustainability of community-based decisions. CUB assists the community to plan. CUB offers and provides support for the community; it offers aid to community groups to find funding and assists in cleaning Bahrain beach. CUB assists community members, groups and organizations to apply for community services. These services support community members, groups and organizations to provide activities, events and projects that provide a wide board of benefit to Bahrain Local Beach’s.

Population Growth

The population in Bahrain will rise over the coming years. The implications of such a rise will challenge the range, reach, number and type of services and interactions offered to the community by Clean Up Bahrain. In order to meet the expressed needs and expectations of new and established community members, Clean Up Bahrain will, through the auspices of the Community Development Strategic Plan, establish meaningful and sustainable relationships with community members and maintain an environment where dialogue is open and transparent.

Some critical challenges that could arise from population growth and expansion:

  • Demand for more social infrastructure, especially in areas currently underprovided for
  • demand for support mechanisms to be delivered from social/Community Development service providers that promote community capacity to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining
  • with the trend of declining numbers of volunteers, there may be a discrepancy in the demand for low cost social infrastructure for meetings and celebrations and the capacity/ability of the community to provide for the running/management of such facilities. This may impact on costs to the community if such facilities have to be managed commercially.

Ageing Population

The population of Bahrain will age. People in our society are living longer. The greatest effect will come from the baby boomer generation (those born between 1945 and 1960). Some of the oldest of this group have already retired. The loss of this large group of people from the workforce will have effects on our local economy, the national economy, skill availability, demand for services, demand for housing and its provision, planning policies, and transport and mobility. As we are living longer, this change in the demographic structure will continue for decades to come. In order to respond flexibly to these new demands, Clean Up Bahrain practices and policies must recognize the importance of this demographic challenge and respond proactively to it.

Some critical challenges that could arise from an ageing population:

  • declining numbers of people in the workplace and potential skill shortage
  • increase in the number of households
  • decreasing revenue from taxes and rates
  • increasing demand on services ranging from recreation to wellbeing services

Climate Change

Changes to our climate will also challenge how and what we do. With a changing, and destabilizing climate, weather variables could fluctuate leading to a much greater frequency of extreme and unpredictable weather patterns and events. These changes would have serious effects on nature and our lifestyle and would increase health risks. Increased temperature and reduced cloud cover could have an upward effect on cancer rates. A study by ‘Nature’ magazine concluded that climate change could place 35% of all land animals and plants on the planet in danger of extinction over the next 50 years. These occurrences will affect how we move about, where we gather, how and when we celebrate and even where we live and what our landscape looks like.

Community Development must recognize that these changes will also affect the types of interaction and support that will be asked from us and plan accordingly.

As our climate changes, the probability of alteration to our natural environment is high. A mainstay of our locale is the reef and the rainforest and the tourism dollars that these iconic locations generate. Any detrimental change could have major effects on the regional economy: income derived from tourism; numbers of tourism derived jobs; investment in significant regional infrastructure such as airports, seaports and road upgrades. Meeting these challenges will require strong collaboration between the Clean Up Bahrain, and other community groups, branches and departments; other levels of government, non-government agencies, and members of the community.

Some critical challenges that could arise from a changing climate:

  • increased demand for climate controlled/indoor meeting and/or celebration spaces
  • planning for offsetting of costs for cooling (potentially through use of climate smart paint, solar panels and other materials on community buildings)
  • increased response to disaster management
  • increased response to airborne and/or water borne pests as they affect the community.

Clean Up Bahrain will play a critical role in meeting expressed and identified community needs.

Benefits of Cleaning Up Your Local Beach

Bahrain’s story is the story of service—people who step forward to change lives and strengthen our nation. The needs of communities are pressing and complex. They require comprehensive, integrated and innovative solutions. CUB and the national service network are important elements of community solutions. Our work has the following benefits to local community:

1. You save marine animals

Over the past few years, the world has woken up to horrifying headlines about sea life that has unfortunately died due to consuming or being trapped by the waste we throw in the oceans. When our garbage washes up on coastlines, it gives us an opportunity to be good people and remove it before the tide washes it back out. Removing litter that we finds on the beach guarantees that marine wildlife won’t come into contact with it and perhaps find itself imperiled in some way or another.

2. You preserve our natural treasures

Beaches are diverse, beautiful, natural treasures that are here for all of us to explore and enjoy together. Unfortunately, trash on our beaches disturbing these shared natural treasures. By cleaning up the beach, you ensure that tourists from all over the world can enjoy your beaches fully.

3. You keep toxic chemicals out of the water

Cigarette butts are the most frequently littered item on Earth. As you might expect, this litter is one of the most commonly found bits of trash found in the ocean. Cigarette butts are small, but they make a big impact on clean water. After just one hour of exposure, a cigarette butt can contaminate almost 8 liters of water with unhealthy and dangerous chemicals. If you picked just 15 cigarette butts up off the ground, you’re saving nearly 1000 liters of water from contamination!

4. You help the local economy

Seaside communities around the world are seeking to get a huge boost to their economies from tourism. When beaches are free of litter, tourists and visitors are much more likely to enjoy them and spend money at businesses near the beaches. If the water is clean, fishers as well as tourist-oriented businesses like scuba diving tours are more likely to be able to make a solid living for themselves. Your beach cleanup will help the local economy!

5. You create a safer environment

Litter isn’t just unsightly, but it can actually be dangerous. Metal with sharp edges and pieces of glass can create a public health hazard just as much as an aesthetic one. These sharp pieces of litter can easily hide in sand and cause injuries to kids! If you see items like this, be extra cautious when picking them up so not to injure yourself or your friends.

6. You can dispose of waste the right way

One of the good things about doing litter cleanups yourself is that you get the opportunity to dispose of the waste you find the right way. So many recyclable and compostable items find their way in the landfill where they can’t properly break down. When you’re cleaning up litter, take care to recycle what you can!

7. You make seafood safer

They say what goes in the ocean ends up inside of you, particularly if you love to eat seafood! According to one study conducted at United Kingdome University of Oxford, the average seafood eater is consuming 11,000 tiny fragments of plastic every year. The chemicals in these plastics can accumulate in our bodies over time and eventually cause a lot of health problems. So cleaning up your local beach means creating a healthier place for everyone.

8. You get to be outside

Sand under your foots, sunshine beaming down on you, and a fresh sea breeze is our idea of a good time! One of the best things about community services is that you get to be outside, see all the natural beauty of the sea and the beaches near you, and spend your day doing something wonderful in nature!

9. You meet tons of new people

Visit most beaches around the world and you’ll find you aren’t alone! There are usually lots of people enjoying the fresh ocean air and the sunshine. Picking up litter isn’t something everyone does, so you’re bound to attract a little bit of attention! People will want to talk to you about what you’re doing and maybe even get involved! Cleaning up Bahrain’s local beach means meeting lots of new and verity of people.

10. You get some good exercise

Walking on the beach is actually better for you than walking on paved, flat surfaces, as the sand makes it a little more challenging to move. You burn more calories and weight, engage your stabilizing muscles more, and even improve your coordination. Walking on sand even makes your feet stronger! Beach exercise is pretty much the best.


Bahrainis can effectively respond to challenges by getting involved in their local communities through service. To realize this potential and fulfill our mission, we will work together with the national service network to invest in local solutions, engage Bahrainis in service, support evidence-based programs and leverage public-private partnerships. In executing this Strategic Plan, CUB will help build enduring capacity to solve community problems at the local level.

More families will be appreciated, supported and continue to serve their communities; economically disadvantaged people will have improved economic well-being and security of economically disadvantaged people will be improved. Citizens engaged, motivated, supported and linked together through a national service network will be the solution.


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