The Improvement Of Customer Service

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To manage the resource in order to improve customer service we need to see whether the current demand is being met so then a focus can be made on improving customer service. If the targets are being met, then a focus can be made on the quality of work of the team and how to improve customer service customer. Also, is the team overstaffed as we do not want to be wasting resource either or to increase demand depending on the organisational objectives. A spare resource can be used for other parts of the business where they are underperforming. If the targets are not being met, then managers need to identify why as this could be from underperforming staff or being understaff.

To improve customer service, it is important to monitor the work that is being completed by staff and this can be done by individual meetings to discuss a strengths and weaknesses. If the member of staff is not meeting their targets, then is there a personal or work issues that can be addressed as if it is then this staff will work better when they are happy at work. It may be worth tailoring performance report to see what actions that need to be taken to meet their targets or identify any training needs. Also, a manager can conduct team meetings to discuss areas of the business that need improvements so it can be addressed. By having performance stats provided to staff gives them an idea of how the team is performing on a whole and identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed.

If the team are aware of what the Key Performance Indicators are then they know what to strive for and it can be discussed with staff in their personal meetings along with their achievements to motivate them to deliver the best and meet their targets. If this is addressed it will have a positive affect on the targets. To improve customer service, a manager should conduct audits of work and quality checks when staff are dealing with customers. This can help identify areas they need to improve on and any mistakes that are being made. This sort of feedback can help staff improve their service to customers. If managers oversee what the customer does at work and when they are dealing with customers, they can offer feedback from a third party point of view so they know what to improve on. To improve customer service, staff should be rewarded for hard work or when going above and beyond in their role so this level of customer service can be maintained.

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It is important to have process in place to handle complaints and monitoring these as well. The complaints can be used to address common themes that can be used to improve the level of service we provide to customers. For example, if there is a common complaint such as long waiting times then to improve service, we can highlight why appointments are taking so long or whether a front of house staff is required to keep a track of customers going into the business. Thing like this can help improve customer service that the business offers. Another way to manage resource effectively is to take on board feedback from front facing staff as they are deal with the customers directly and use the system therefore they will be able to identify ways we can improve the service offered, it is the manager responsibility to obtain this either by open forum, suggestion box or asking staff directly. Another way to ensure the resource is managed effectively is to ask customers for feedback on the service and address these concerns.

The customers are the users of the service and they will be the best people to know what needs improving or what they are not happy with. It is very important to train staff in order to improve their customer service skills so this may require training whether internally or outsourced by an external company. By training the staff it will help them to identify areas to improve or even new techniques that they can implement. It is also important to have an employee engagement team who focuses purely on concerns of the employees. By having this platform, it gives areas where employees have concerns and by ensuring their needs are met then they will deliver a better service when they feel their employer values them. The company objectives and team targets should be constantly discussed and mentioned to the team to remind them of what the team/business is trying to achieve and how it will be achieved. This will give the team a sense of direction of what they are trying to achieve and something to work towards.

To improve customer service, we can use to use budgeting allocation on better IT systems to help deliver a better service. The systems used can sometime slow down the service being provided so by having a more effective service that can also quicken the work that is done can help provide a better service overall.

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