The Downfall Of Human Intelligence With The Advent Of Technology

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Throughout the years of evolution, humankind has evolved in many ways, especially in brain power and cognitive abilities. I believe, however, that humans are starting to become less intelligent and that this trend will only continue in the future, due to many reasons. First off, human intelligence is declining due to our growing reliance on technology. Due to reliance on technology, many people believe that we do not need to use our brains as much as before, leading to its de-evolution. This argument analyzes the periods of times when humans were hunters and problem solvers. In these times, we needed to use our brains; otherwise, we would not have survived.

However, modern humans have practically conquered the world. We do not face any resistance or threat to survival from other animals. Therefore, we don’t need to use our brains, and instead put the majority of this burden on technology.

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Nowadays, humans are too dependent on technology and this dependancy will only continue to rise as technology continues to evolve. This will result in future generations becoming less intelligent. Yet another argument in favour of de-evolution explains how there is a comparison of a parents and child’s genomes that have revealed that there is 25-65 new mutations in the DNA of each generation. This can effect the brain power of future generations, and it is most likely that it will take a turn for the worse.

Mutations signal that something is changing. However, this does not necessarily mean that change is occurring for the better. In fact, studies have shown that over half of all genetic diseases have a neurological component to them, which inhibit the cognitive capabilities of the individual. (Crabtree) This statistic shows how genetic mutations, especially relating to the brain, usually lead to decreased function. The same study has shown that at least one child in twenty or fifty have sustained a mutation that has decreased their intellectual capabilities. This is solid proof that we are de-evolving. Lastly, I would like to counter some beliefs that people who believe we are still evolving hold. Many people say that our brains have to be used in order to innovate, band together, and come up with the technology we “rely” on. This is especially used in a historical context. When looking at change in the environment, we have had to all come together to battle through it. However, today, times are different. Only a minuscule percent of people make the tech which is used globally by everyone, who don’t give it a second thought. Before, humans worked in smaller groups. This meant every person had a job that was essential to survival, especially when the environment was changing.

Today, however, although everyone has responsibilities, they usually aren’t life or death. We can look at global warming as an example. Global warming is possibly the biggest threat to humanity. However, even though the vast majority of people know about it, who is actually doing anything? We leave it up to governments and NGOs, “powerful people”, to figure out how to get us out of this. This method of giving the work to others really highlights how much we are de-evolving. When we are finding ways to not use our brains, how can we say we are still evolving?

The facts are very simple and clear, and show that human intelligence, due to a lack of need to use our brains, is de-evolving.

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