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The Obesity in Teenagers of Ecuador and England

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Obesity is currently a problem that causes serious health problems, especially in adolescents because it is a nutritional disorder presented by some factors such as psychological syndromes, anxiety, depression and the quality of life that each person has.

In England, many young people are obese, especially adolescents who seriously compromise their health with diseases such as two different types of diabetes, heart diseases and certain types of cancer. In Ecuador, more than a quarter of the population is overweight and are more likely to develop diseases. Obesity in Ecuador and England is presented by the form of nutrition that people have. However, in England, people are more prone to be obese due to the processed and unhealthy food they consume while in Ecuador, despite being mostly natural food, obesity is still a problem because the consumption of high-fat and medium-salt products has been increasing, being thus dangerous to the body.

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Therefore, England and Ecuador have taken the necessary preventive measures to combat the problems of obesity through television programs that aim to educate on how to take a healthy diet to reduce the levels of obesity and mortality in individuals, doing campaigns mainly in social networks and conferences that help teenagers to raise awareness about the consequences of eating unhealthy food and how it could affect them.

In conclusion, the aspect that most impressed me is that today individuals do not take prevention about the food they consume and the consequences of how it could affect their body. Thus, a singular similarity between the people of both countries is that by living in a globalized world it is easier to obtain packaged and mostly processed products. In addition, the aspect that could surprise a foreign person with respect to Ecuador would be the attention provided by the authorities towards a social problem such as obesity in adolescents, since several organizations and ministries inside and outside of Ecuador have worked together to eradicate this social issue.


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