Teen Suicide Prevention Ways

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Table of contents

  1. The Underlying Causes of Teen Suicide
  2. School Stress and Its Impact on Teen Mental Health
  3. The Role of Social Media and Technology in Teen Suicide
  4. LGBTQ+ Teens: Facing Unique Challenges and Discrimination
  5. Parental Influence and Support in Preventing Teen Suicide

The Underlying Causes of Teen Suicide

People everywhere are undereducated about teen suicide, more people should be up to date on the suicide subject. Suicide is not a soft topic and a lot of people do not understand why teens and many other older people commit suicide. Suicide takes away the lives of many young teens. The problem about teen suicide is that no one knows whats happening in a persons personal life, theyre are some people that have a hard time taking other peoples feelings and lives into consideration. Having a lot of stress on you as a teenager can lead kids to end up commiting suicide. Being a teen in this generation has a lot of stress being put on them and it can be hard to handle or it might get too much for them and they feel suicide is the better thing to do when they have no one to talk to or relieve their problems.

Teens all across the world are having so much stress put on them and many actually commit suicide or even attempting and failing. The ones that do not attempt suicide end up having severe mental challenges. There are far more suicides than there are homicides. The suicide to homocides ratio has went up double from 2008 to 2010. Many teens give off signs of them trying to or even them looking into killing themselves and no one says anything about it. Some signs are them talking about wanting to die or them killing themselves, looking for a way for them to kill themselves, talking about being hopeless and having no will to live, increasing use of drugs and/or alcohol, sleeping pattern changes drastically, isolating themselves, etc. Teens that are more at risk of commiting suicide never tell anyone what theyre feeling and eventually stop opening up to everyone in general.

School Stress and Its Impact on Teen Mental Health

Stress over school is not helping any of the kids issues either. More kids are doing better in school then they are with their mental and physical health. Grades and getting into major league colleges are more important to some of these teens because of how much they want to please their parents and be one of the best in the school. In Ohio there have been 40,000 students screened for suicide risk and depression and hundreds of kids have been linked to services. Teenagers spend a lot of time in school and with their teachers and peers and that can take a toll on their mental health too. All teachers and staff are supposed to have training in suicide prevention to atop it from happening but most students do not feel comfortable talking to their teahers about suicide unless they form bonds with them and most teachers do not have the time to talk to a student and comfort them. Students health is the main problem that barely anyone thinks about, yes education is important but loading them with stress to get them to work better is not helping them want to actually get it all done. Stress lessens the chance of some kids doing their best.

Between 2007 and 2017 the second leading cause of death is suicide while car crashes are number one in the age group 10-24. “Suicide attempts by the young have quadrupled over six years, and that is likely an undercount,” said Henry A. Spiller, director of the Central Ohio Poison Center, who called the trend “devastating.” In most cases families tend to keep the attempted suicides and even the suicide reasons a secret and do not like to talk about it but if the reasons get discussed then theyre is a higher chance of other kids that are going through the same thing will be able to get help without feeling judged by their family.

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The Role of Social Media and Technology in Teen Suicide

So many people blame teen suicide on their cell phones and social media usage, cyberbullying can take a toll on a self concious teen but its not just the cell phones and social media that makes kids commit suicide. Between having to have perfect grades and a perfect life, kids also have to have a picture perfect life to show off to everyone so they are more liked as a person. Social media makes people think they have to be like the model they see on tv or even the star sports player they see winning all of the games and living the “perfect life”. The amount of sleep because of the cell phones is being blamed on kids being depressed and having suicidal thoughts. Suicide rates in women have been on the rise for years after 2000, in girls 15 to 19. There are steps to helping a young adult get through their depression and try to get rid of suicidal thoughts and attempts. The steps are express your concern for the person, really listen to what the person has to say, maintain the connection between you and the person, be compassionate and express your love and care for the person, trust your judgement if the person says they aren't having suicidal thoughts take the better judgement and act upon if they are, make sure the person has no way to harm themselves or other people that live with them or are with them often during school. Keeping an eye on your loved ones helps them know that they are not alone in this dark period of their life. They will see someone cares and it will make them see there is more than just bad and negative things in life.

LGBTQ+ Teens: Facing Unique Challenges and Discrimination

The rise in teen suicide isnt just cell phones or social media or even school, teens do not feel accepted in their own families and communities. Teens apart of the LGBTQ+ do not feel accepted by anyone and they feel like a disgrace to their own families. There are families that force being straight on their child and it does not make them happy or even want to have that type of life, teens want to be accepted by their families but a lot of them hide behind their phones and act like a completely person online then they would act in front of their families. It has caused fights in a lot of homes and families because of a child being homosexual or even them being transgender. Teens are not more at risk for suicide by being a part of the LGBTQ. Most of them feel discriminated against or hatred against them for them not being straight. Many of them fear rejection, harassment and threats made to them by people who do not accept them for who they are. Teens that have been bullied on school grounds in the past 12 months identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or were not sure of their sexual identity. Even in a positive school environment teens in the LGB do not feel accepted by their peers. Compared with other students, negative attitudes toward LGB teens may put these youth at increased risk for experiences with unhappiness and violence in their day to day lives and it could have a huge impact on how they live their lives or if them end up commiting suicide. Violence can include behaviors such as bullying, teasing, harassment, and physical assault. The percentage of teens involved with violence with being a part of the LGBTQ+; 10% were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, 34% were bullied on school property, 28% were bullied electronically, 23% of LGB students who had dated or went out with someone during the 12 months before the survey had experienced sexual dating violence in the prior year, 18% of LGB students had experienced physical dating violence, and 18% of LGB students had been forced to have sexual intercourse at some point in their lives. Teens do not have it easy in general but being a part of the LGB doesn't make their lives any easier.

The abuse and violence used on teens in their lives can affect their grades to a huge extent, their grades can go sinking down in a quick pace and it could be hard to tell on why their grades are going down but not everyone knows what happens to a student behind closed doors of their own homes or even in the school. Not all schools let their students know that they're in a safe zone and some of the students do not believe that the school is a safe zone because of incidents that have happened to them in the school either by the staff or students. Schools do not regularize kids being a part of the LGB and it makes kids not feel accepted at school, you see straight couples all over the schools but rarely any LGB couples and that could be a factor to the students not feeling accepted and their attendance rates going down at school and them barely showing up to their classes when they have to. Some classes could even make a kid feel unaccepted by teachers or students saying unapproving things about the LGBTQ group. Parents are not all supportive of their children that are confused about their sexuality or know that they are not straight. Parents need to have an open heart and mind to their child not being straight. How parents engage with their teen can have a huge impact on their child's current and future mental and physical health. Supportive and accepting parents can help their children or even other people's children cope with the challenges of being an LGB teen. On the other hand, unsupportive parents who react negatively to learning that their daughter or son is LGB can make it harder for their teen to thrive and make it harder for them to be happy in life and want a better life for themselves and their future. Teens that do not have a good relationship with their parents because they are not accepted into the family being part of the LGB end up having relationship problems in the future and end up not wanting to have anything to do with their family and leaving them stranded with having to find their own way around their problems.

Parental Influence and Support in Preventing Teen Suicide

There is a high percentage of teens who end up getting kicked out of their family's house because they are not accepted and they don't abide by their parents so it results in them getting kicked up and having nowhere to go or even them temporary living with a different family member or even some of them end up getting put into foster care or end up homeless and result to staling and or drug dealing to make their meets to save themselves from having to go back to a mentally abusive place. Parental rejection has been linked to depression, use of drugs and alcohol, and risky sexual behavior among teens. Steps a parent can take to make their child feel more accepted are talk and listen, provide support, stay involved, and be proactive in their lives and stay positive for them. Parents have easy access to many organizations and online information on how to be their for their LGB child and how they can support them in any way they need and even their friends could use an extra set of supportive people in their lives.

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