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Adolescents and Health Risk Behavior

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Adolescent grows the complexity in society, he/she may want how to modify new behavior state by improving self-mechanism defense and affiliating peer group. (Lerner and Steinberg, 2004). During this substance use period associated with peer friend may create, exchange health identification conceptualization, independence in choice making exchange , closeness, sexuality perspectives, due to social reputation and inclined in what way can be made related to social acceptance, consolidated social impact on consciousnesses , explicitly towards fundamental choice making aspect (Dahl, 2004; Pfeifer and Peake, 2012; Steinberg and Morris, 2001). Research supposed to create social network of course as well as put peer group as a joint action choice for an adolescent that observe trough mental thinking motives approaches to inventory the strategies for outright things to do, share feelings , and household degree coordination of plans have been accomplished (Dubernet and Axhausen, 2013; Illenberger, 2012)[26]

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Social and environmental factors emphasis on peer pressure effect on individual, school leaders,teachers community, and social culture settings, students health risk taking which is gestated as a sequence of growing self-confidence efficacy and leaving individuation from the family conceptualizations, yet proportional experience dependence on parents and different associated families, parent’s care that emphasis on a few below manage of their youngsters offers daily unadulterated inclusion of health risk taking behavior. [8] In Adolescence Journals, and associated skills, expressed adapting competencies that may assist the adolescent involvement impact delinquent behavior and disables to manipulate terrible behavior and affiliation obstruction, fail to observe the implication key for peer pressure fascination.[7]. Therein, the parenting significance of controlling adolescents risk activities is recognized with failure levels of controlling harmony situation that frequently impact peer group and advancing increased involvement in risk taking behavior [9]. The dedication school members, instructor partnership missing, the peer group operate each as a engagement of risk taking substance use bolstered through peer who are already in terrible behaviors as an uncaring relates college students duties. peer pressure affiliation with friendship come out to spur the occurrence involvement in excessive risk degree and capacity of preliminary behavior that may immediate loss of life or discount social general life expectancy in terms of personal life associated with mental disorders, restriction of world, nation, individual work improvement. (Diblasio, 1986).

The adolescent engages in health risk behavior by suggesting to initiate new activity in social encounters to show up progressively pertinent within active group and to select up absolutely social mechanism to build up a self-identity within peer group (Lightfoot, 1992). The way that, conceptualized peer pressure, alongside having a friend who initiated one of the risk behavior (drinking alcohol, smoking, sex behavior, harassing) have been considered as the effectively elementary predictors of health risk behavior among secondary college adolescents in the world. [10].

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