Watching TV And Adolescents

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Television needs to be taken away from adolescents as soon as possible. Adolescents are being sucked into television and they don't want to be disturbed by anyone. Young children are staring to get the hand of staying up watching TV as well and we need to stop that before it is too late.

All the time that is being wasted on watching television is taking away time from all the important things like, family time, school, social development, work, playing outside with friends, and many other things. Not only does it take time away from the real important things in life but, it also may be influencing kids and giving them information that may not be a hundred percent appropriate for children or adolescents to be watching or paying attention to. Most of the young watchers are being affected in some kind of way for example, most of them are getting bad grades in school, they aren't talking as much, and they can even stop telling the difference between real and non-real patterns.There has even been some cases where kids have gone to the doctor because they have a severe headache or their vision is not as good as it used to be. This might be because of the amount of hours they have spent in front of a television.

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In addition, television is slowly taking over,and kids are replacing reading with watching TV. This isn't really good because reading needs so much more thinking that will help kids to improve their brain and their way of thinking unlike watching TV. There is reports showing evidence that kids who watch television most of the time instead of reading, are not doing that well when it comes to their brain developing. It isn't as fast and improved as if they were to show the evidence of a kid who reads most of the time. Another way that teen viewers are being affected mentally is that because, they are so used to watching violent subjects on television, they might have nightmares when they watch the news or something related to their television pick.


I believe that if parents would spend more time with their children out,reading , and doing different activities everyday , it can help with their brain development . Kids who suffer from overweight can also get off the television, go outside,exercise and be active, they will have a much better and healthier life than what they had when they were witting at home watching television all day eating snacks.There is clubs available where adolescents are together reading, exercising, doing fun activities to help each other and not go back to being stuck at home not doing anything good for their health. Also back to parents spending more time with their kids, it would be perfect for them to go to amusement parks as well. They have these beautiful parks where there is so much art and weird illusions that will make your brain work hard to understand what is going on.

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