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Physical & Psychological Health Related Effects Of TV Watching On Audience

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At the end of a long day’s work you may enjoy nothing more than curling up on the couch to watch the next episode of your favorite series, snacks in hand. Yet, do your favorite television shows impact your mental health? According to experts, there are a number of physically and psychologically signs that may indicate you take a break from a specific show for a while. Any need to write off all television shows as unhealthy though. Actually they can be a great resource to boost your mental health. ‘Watching tv shows that are relaxing, encouraging, funny, or soothing will help (temporarily) ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression,’ a psychotherapist specializing in working with young adults, Emmy Crouter, MSW, LSW .People always associate the good memories of those tv programmes, ‘she says. For example, if you grew up watching Tom and jerry with your siblings every night, it’s maybe time to go back to some of the lighthearted episodes every once in a while. Or maybe the Workplace reminds you of a time in your life when you’ve had less responsibility.

Here are some signs that according to experts, the shows you are watching might affect your psychological health.

This Worsen the symptoms

If you watch closely what’s going on in a series, you might not be consciously paying attention to whether your mental health is getting worse or not. But your body will provide some hints about what’s going on in your head. ‘A Television Program that damage your psychological health if you notice an increase in any of the symptoms you are already struggling with.

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You can’t avoid the series thinking

You may find yourself arguing about the TV series with your friends when you really enjoy a TV series, sending animated gifs from the series in texts or even purchasing branded merchandise. It could be completely good for you, but if you are too seriously concerned about a TV series, it may have a negative effect on your Physiological health. It is particularly true if you find the show somehow perturbing.

The television series will make you feel bad about you

‘Television programs that make you feel bad about yourself aren’t Good for watching,’ Crouter says. You may be comparing your apartment to the immaculate homes on an HGTV TV series or you might be disappointed with the result because the people on your favorite show are further ahead than you are in their professions. If you happen to frequently make these comparisons, consider seeking a new series.

You Can’t Stop Watching It

‘Many TV shows have some form of hook to make sure you keep watching the next season,’ says Adina Mahalli, MCT, a licensed trauma therapy mental health specialist, Tell us . ‘It’s a clear Signal when you can’t stop watching that series or movie you’re Effecting your physical and psychological and physical health, so stop watching’ When you feel like the TV shows that you enjoy most doesn’t affect your psychological health at all, that’s fine. Only make sure that you check in regularly with yourself, so that you can take the best care of your health.



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