Books Vs Movies Compare and Contrast Essay

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Books and Movies
  2. Emotional Expression: Movies vs. Books
  3. Imagination and Creativity: Reading vs. Watching
  4. Time Consumption: A Comparative Analysis
  5. Similarities Between Reading and Watching: Stress Relief, Bonding, and Knowledge Enhancement
  6. Portability and Convenience: A Modern Perspective
  7. Conclusion: The Interplay of Reading and Watching

Introduction to Books and Movies

Nowadays, there are various ways for people to spend their leisure time such as reading books and watching movies. One might ask, what does reading books even benefits us in sorts of way? How about watching movie? What I might be answering with is why not both? Before that let’s get on about book, there are many types of books such as fiction and non-fiction then broken down into many types. For the fiction part, stories inside are mostly in-part or completely unreal. A novel is the most common form of a fiction book. Novels are stories that typically features plot, settings, themes and characters. Stories and narrative are unrestricted to any certain topic, while a novel can be whimsical, serious or controversial. Non-fiction books are normally known as reference books that provide information instead of telling a story. On the other hand, a movie which is also known as film, motion picture and moving picture. There are various types of movies too, like educational movies or entertainment movies. Educational movies which is obvious involves certain level of education while an entertainment movie normally attracts one’s interest such as fictional story type of movie like Star Wars or The Avengers. However, reading books and watching movies have a lot in common, but there are still some differences between them that makes readers remain faithful to read books.

Emotional Expression: Movies vs. Books

Before we start off, you should be questioning yourself beforehand that do you even read books or do you watch movies? If you do, how else do you view them as? Does watching movie or reading books let you dwell in more emotions? Does reading books let you shows more of your feelings compared with when you’re watching movies? First of all, watching movies gives us more emotional expression than reading books. As a human being we love immerse ourselves with feelings and movie does the job well when we are trying to express ourselves. Where there’s a saying goes, films can bring whole worlds to life before our eyes, make characters into living, breathing flesh and blood. Compared to a book, a movie provides us with feelings such like a character’s feeling towards his or her father for an example. Those who are referring to a book cannot understand their feelings, an emotional feeling cannot be easily drive through books since a human’s mind cannot interpret heavy feelings through reading. When one watches a movie they thrive to be engulfed in emotions instead of being an emotionless creature whom only tries to understand stories. Such are movies like “Titanic” which has been popular since 1997 and one which have just recently been marketed “More than blue” these movies are romantic stories which characters develop their intimate relationship throughout the stories. These movies are published to the public to attract their views but mainly us as the consumer we bury ourselves in the emotions that are scattering emotional feelings waiting to be absorbed by us. It’s true we cannot mark a book as something that does not provide us with emotional feelings but if it were to be compared it’ll be drowned in ranks compared to a movie. Thus, actually reading books and watching movies both do provide us with emotional feelings but there are still differences between a book’s strength in providing us with emotional feelings and one of a movie’s, one being a lower and one being a higher.

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Imagination and Creativity: Reading vs. Watching

Furthermore, reading books can improve our imaginary skills and creativity compared to watching movies. Lemmy Kilmister once said,“People don't read anymore. It's a sad state of affairs. Reading's the only thing that allows you to use your imagination. When you watch films, it's someone else's vision, isn't it?” From what Lemmy says a movie obstructs one’s imagination as you’re always watching the movie in a third person view and watches as how an actor in the movie acts. When watching a movie, your brain stops imagine and only focus on how the person acts like for example the movie “The Avengers”, when you are watching it as movie you stand aside and watch as how the movie goes on, and that is how a movie limits your thinking. Reading allows us to imagine the situation, environment, characters and their personality. Meanwhile, if you are reading the book “The Avengers” you are solely relying on your imaginary skills to imagine on how the fights or scene goes inside your own mind. Although it is quite of a simple example but it does imply on how watching a movie and how reading a book differs upon. Reading a book calls upon the awakening of your dead mind, when you’re watching a film your brain shuts down the part of imaginary thinking and just focus on the part on enjoying the movie. Studies show that reading does improve a person’s creativity due to imagination. When you read a book, nothing else exists and you can be a whole other person in this completely new and amazing world. You can live as someone else, free of your own troubles, even if only for two hundred pages. From my point of view, books are magic. Why? This is because while the movies are good the books are always better. So I'm telling you to forget about movie magic and return to the pure magic that lives on your bookshelves. George R.R. Martin once quoted, “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” Therefore, back to the point, reading books can strengthen our imaginary skills and our creativity while on the other hand, movies leave viewers with just little imagination, but they focus on visual effects.

Time Consumption: A Comparative Analysis

What’s next is about time. We often say let’s enjoy ourselves by watching movies or let’s enjoy ourselves by playing games. However, there is likely a population of people that says let’s enjoy ourselves by reading books. A point that is worth noting is time consumption. Watching movies can save a lot of time compared to reading books. Reading books could take a long time depending on the speed of reading. People often view books as a time occupant since the content is too much for them and watching movies which is one of the shorter versions of books and which then makes them prefer watching movies more than reading books. Books are actually a more lengthy and complete version of a movie. Frank Zappa once said, “So many books, so little time”, reading a book takes time which is an unfavorable condition for people that wants to finish a story within 1 to 3 hours. Reading a book from cover to cover could take a lot of time, of course it depends on the book, the writing style and the wording. Just like what we’ve summarised above those who cannot read fast would prefer watching a movie because it’s more convenient to do so. Furthermore, if one were to watch a drama one would be addicted in watching the series eagerly, he would only take a few hours to watch one and it renews every week. However, books can be quite a drag since books are published based on the author who writes the book, those who are favoring a more lengthy story and with patience enjoys a book may re-read a book endlessly. If one cannot enjoy a book again and again, the time is wasted upon reading the following book. People who favor fresh things would then prefer watching movies since movies are introduced and renew quicker compared to a book. Hence, watching movies can save lots of time compared to reading books. Our own preference instead plays a major part of reading books or watching movies.

Similarities Between Reading and Watching: Stress Relief, Bonding, and Knowledge Enhancement

What’s more there’s not only a variety of difference there are also many similarities between them. People take reading books and watching movies differently but actually the both of them consist many similarities that sticks each other together. Such are exerting one’s stress, to turn up the “humour” meter, Groucho Marx once said that he finds that televisions are quite an educative device, once somebody turns it on, he would then go to another room to read a book. Books are normally served as a learning material but from what have been introduced books consist of novels and stories. Reading books that piqued one’s interest can relax one’s mind which is in another way releasing our stress. But bear in mind that watching movies can also do the same favor as a book. Both of them can stimulate one’s mind relaxation which leads to releasing and reducing stress. But how does read a book or watching a movie reduce stress? Reading interesting book or watching an interesting movie can allow the mind to be relaxed as it is one of those that soothes your thinking nerves instead of reading one challenging books like mathematical books to stressing out your own mind. Watching movies is similar in ways like reading books can relax ourselves and if one is to listen to a lecture type of movie, it is tending to challenge our mind and tenses our nerves. Let that aside, watching movies can also strengthen our bonds with family and friends. Movies can be watched together and having snacks together during the movie time. It is not rare as this is most often being known to everyone else that tries to bond their relationship between each other. Although books cannot be read together, which is quite weird apparently, discussion between the topic of books after reading can be known to increase our bonds too. Thus, reading books and watching movies help us relax, relieve stress and strengthen the bond between us with family members and friends.

Additionally, there is also one commonly known similarity between reading books and watching movies which is to increase our knowledge. You might be curious, reading books might help us to increase our knowledge but why movies? There are many types of knowledge such are vocabulary skills and conversing skills. Watching movie increases our vocabulary skills and conversing skills, by sayings increasing in vocabulary skills and conversing skills it does non other than what it has been told. In terms of vocabulary skills, when reading books and watching a movie be it in any languages, we human being adapt to the condition we’re in and we learn. We learn how to expand our usage of words in part of vocabulary and also learn how to properly use the suitable words in different condition. Besides, conversing skills are also part of what can be learned by watching a movie. Conversing skills are useful in helping people to communicate and cooperate with other peoples. When watching a movie, one can watch on how people or character communicate between each other and so we learn how to start and maintain a conversation with other people. Reading books is also the same, it can broaden our vocabulary and also increase on how we use it in a proper manner. Reading books also helps in increasing our conversing skills like learning how to communicate with other people but just inside of what’s written in a book. As a result, there’s no particular difference when we try to differentiate the two in increasing our knowledge. For now, we know that reading books and watching movies both helps us increase and enlarge our knowledge.

Portability and Convenience: A Modern Perspective

Moreover, for convenience purpose, we resolve anything hard by making it easier, convenient and portable. Portable is what we have been searching for, books and movies are often hard to bring from places to places. For an example, bringing a book to somewhere else might be convenient, but what about movies? How does one bring a movie from places to places? Although they are solved with ways to bring around, they provide different solution in how does it become transportable. Although we can already bring a book anywhere to start reading, the way that makes it can be downloaded into a PDF form known as Portable Document Format in mobile devices or computer. This way allows us to be able to read books anywhere and anytime. Next, from certain points of view, it is weird to be able to watch movies at anywhere and anytime but it is still possible. This is because movies can be downloaded in MP4 form or watching it online since the presence of internet have brought us convenience, which is then we are able to bring movies anywhere and anytime. Being able to read a book and watch a movie at anywhere and anytime helps us a lot. For example, someone wants to enjoy a cinematic show in a bus or in a train and even travelling, it can relatively be solved by just watching it on mobile device be it computer or a smartphone. In addition, books also works in the same way, you can search it online for a book that you favor or in need of. As seemed, both are portable and they can provide us in a similar way of providing a transportable view but just as what we have shown it involves different form of transportable view.

Conclusion: The Interplay of Reading and Watching

To conclude, there are different ways to get a story from different sources in modern times. Without a shadow of doubts, books have been good sources for stories, but movies are getting more popular and have the same story with the books. Thus, reading books and watching movies have many similarities and differences. The way to say that reading books or watching movies are inaccurate and there are no research that can show upon what has been said. To end with what we know, like Arlaina Tibensky said, “Books and movies are not mere entertainment. They sustain me and help me cope with my real life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Similarities Between Books and Movies?

Books and movies share many similarities, such as the use of characters, plot, setting, and themes. Both books and movies can tell stories, evoke emotions, and explore ideas. Additionally, both books and movies can be adapted from other works, such as plays or other books. Finally, both books and movies can be used to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences.

What Are the Differences Between Reading a Book and Watching a Movie?

The main difference between reading a book and watching a movie is the way in which the story is experienced. When reading a book, the reader is able to create their own mental images of the characters and settings, while in a movie, the visuals are predetermined. Additionally, books often provide more detail and depth than movies, as they are able to explore characters and themes in greater detail. Finally, books often require more time and effort to read than movies require to watch.

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