The Importance of Reading for Developing Countries

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Reading is referred to as a number of interactive processes between the reader and the text, in which readers use their knowledge to build, create and to construct meaning. Reading is one of the important aspects that need to be mastered by students because reading is the foundation for learning subjects across all sciences (Rintaningrum, 2009b, 2015b). The ability to read is very important for finding a job or going to college. Reading ability plays an important role in improving an individual’s life, ability in school, and is important to support the development of a country. Reading can be classified into three main areas namely the recreational, survey and study-type reading respectively. With recreational reading one is reading a story purely for pleasure, enjoyment and the tendency is to be more relaxed with an even speed. Survey reading involves covering a large amount of text in order to have a general idea of its contents. Finally, with the study -type of reading, it most of the time allows the reader to pay close attention to what he or she is reading because the reader in this type of reading will pose a series of mental questions to himself even as he reads. Fast forward in the subsequent paragraph I will be identifying briefly the relevance of reading to developing countries.

To begin with, my first point is in relation to dissemination of information in the country. In a developing country like Ghana print media like newspapers, articles, journal among others always release news that update the citizens on current affairs and happenings in the country and outside the county. This news gives detailed information about politics and governance, sports, entertainment, business and finance among other sectors. So, when the population indulges in reading essays, they are well informed and well abreast about recent happenings both at the national, local and international levels respectively hence, this helps them to make meaningful contributions to issues regarding national interest as a form of adding to the standards of democracy where the opinion of the normal citizen is appreciated at the national level to aide development in a country.

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Another reason that makes reading relevant to developing countries is that reading to helps to upgrade and increase the level intellectuality of the country .As a developing country when reading is inculcated into the masses or citizenry from children to adults it helps them gain more knowledge and as they gain more knowledge they are able to gain analytical skills which in turn will aide them to solve basic problems that may arise in their society and the country at large hence influencing development of the society both at the local and national level positively.

Finally, the importance of reading to a developing country like Ghana is that it enhances the rate of literacy in the country. The high rate of illiteracy has caused high level of ignorance in the citizenry when it comes to industrialization and happenings of technological know-how in the country. If reading is inculcated in the citizenry, they become knowledgeable in industrialization which promotes production and also reduces the rate of illiteracy within the population hence increasing the rate of literacy in the country.

To conclude, the importance of reading in a developing country like Ghana where the educational sector is still undergoing development process and restructuring at the basic level, the more frequently students are encouraged to read by the ministry of education, the more language knowledge they acquire. Knowledge of language includes vocabulary, grammar and structure. Students are more likely to have more opportunities to acquire different patterns of grammar and structure when they are trained to like reading. Different types of books serve different patterns of grammar and structure. Students’ vocabulary improves quickly when students like reading. Every book they read provides different vocabularies and this will enrich their vocabulary quickly. Reading will increase their vocabulary and help them find out new things.

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