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Negative Impacts Of TV Reality

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Reality Tv aims to entertain millions of viewers but what happens when this entertainment genre spreads it’s lies and begins to harmfully impact society? Producers of Reality Tv’s lies, misrepresentation and scripting are misleading viewers and are negatively impacting society. This genre misrepresents its content through selective editing as well as it’s a misleading advertisement. It also manipulates its cast with scripting and prearranged events. It is a complete lie and people shouldn’t feel like they’re being deceived by this content. Reality Tv producers are misleading and creating harmful impacts on society.

The deceit and lies of Reality Tv support the fact that producers are misleading and creating harmful impacts globally. Reality Tv is no doubt an oxymoron which is two or more words placed together that have opposite meanings. Viewers are not able to trust what these producers/writers are releasing. Even the advertising is false with its deceptive sneak peeks. Unfortunately, this influence creates a wide variety of online dramas such as the Kylie Jenner lip injections scandal. Kylie had told her viewers that she had overlined her lips, but really, she had cosmetic injections done. She received a lot of online backlash after photos exposed her lies. Teens took it upon themselves to try and achieve this exaggerated look but hundreds of these teens used shot glasses to swell up their lips, destroying blood vessels and tearing skin. Only after this Kylie came out on her show and told the world about her lip injections but it was now too late and hundreds of teens were affected. These creators of Reality Tv are lying to society, creating impacts which are negatively affecting the world.

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Producers of Reality tv are misleading their viewers with the use of editing and misrepresentation. Reality Tv is advertised as an “all real” experience but with the use of editing, these scenes can easily be faked. These scenes are effecting both the cast and society. The term Frankenbitinhg, which is an example of manipulative editing, is a main manipulative tactic that these producers use to deceive its viewers. Misused content or other scenes are placed together creating a connection between, in many cases, two completely unrelated instances. Take a look at this scene from the Bachelorette 2017. These words were taken completely out of context, Even Laudy’s father’s confessions were used negatively. This caused major paparazzi issues and online backlashes influencing the way society viewed the “perfect couple.” This affected Stu and Sophie personally and their marriage failed. In that same Sunday Night special Claire Verell quotes how the producers can manipulate the cast into any type of person. Reality Tv’s producers and editors are manipulating their content creating a negative impact on society both online and in real life.

The writers of reality Tv are ignoring the fact that reality tv shouldn’t be scripted or planned, therefore misleading viewers and impacting society negatively. Reality Tv is supposed to be the raw and unfiltered truth of events and cast confessions. Not anymore. Producers prompt what the cast says as well as being already aware of the events that occur. For example, RuPaul’s Drag Race an American drag reality show, completely films a “fake” win for each of the three contestants, hence the final winning scene is a lie and scripted. Only one of the three alternate wins is shown and the finalist finds out they’ve one by watching the show as it airs. Imagine how emotionally manipulative it is for the contestants having to fake their own win. Take a look at these finalists reacting to their pre-filmed win. Producers even go as far as intentionally casting people who won’t get along create drama, not to mention, the heated arguments that occur when alcohol is involved, like this bachelor fight that resulted in both contestants being removed. This is inspiring society to act like these ‘stars’. But what their truly aspiring to be, is harmful and fake, if they continue to believe these lies. Creators like these can’t be trusted and we can’t continue to support it while they are manipulative and impacting society.

Viewers are being lied to by Realy Tv’s creators, scenes are being faked and planning is taking place. Behind the scenes of these shows, editors are misrepresenting scenes with manipulative editing and people are edited to say things that were never said. Finally, shows are being specially cast where they are prompted and scripted to create drama for views. These factors prove the point that reality tv is, in fact, manipulative and negatively impacting the world. Don’t support these producers and creators, they are changing the world for the worst. Tv will never be the same again.

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