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The Evolution Of TV And Its Disadvantages Due To Other Technologies

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Television is a device with a screen used for broadcasting videos in black and white or in colours with sound. The TV is used to broadcast series movies sports video games and advertisement. it was invented in the twenty’s with white and black images but after the second world war there has been some development and it has been shipped to around the world. In the sixty’s coloured TVs were introduced along with other tools like VHS tape and DVDs helped the viewers to record their favourite programs. And in the 21st century TV came with different sizes and video qualities from 40 to 65 inches and from HD to 4k. But now TV is not the same as before. The TV is losing its charm to other devices or companies and TV marketing is sinking. This report will discuss the reasons for TV losing its popularity and the effects that come with it. II. THE REASONS WHY TELEVISION IS LOSING IT’S POPULARITY:

The fact that most people grow up watching TV with their families and friends creating tons of beautiful memories sounds amazing, but now sadly for these people, TV is losing its charm over time. There are arguments why TV is getting less famous than ever. This section of the report will determine some of the significant reasons.

A. Streaming sites provide better service

Online streaming programs are so much lower in price compared to almost all of the TV services. Although they pay for cable, the audience today can often be unsatisfied with what they get. Customers can choose the finest outcome with streaming services at the same time paying to watch what they are truly interested in. Online streaming sites and apps like Netflix and HBO offer ease and flexibility of choices. While cable services strap the audience into yearly contracts, streaming services are not. People can sing up online and withdraw without any cancellation fines at any time. Persuades of today is something people familiar with. ‘Streaming preferences have shifted both how we follow TV, and also what we watch. While television is forced to keep the attention of viewers for a whole week, often focusing on plot twists and tricks, classics from Netflix promote a binge society, potentially resulting in a series that resembles something like a high quality, very long film.'(Middleton, October 5, 2016). This implies that streaming services tread there content as a long and very cinematic movie to keep the audience to the edge of their seats.

B. Social media is more accessible

Throughout the years, operators find certain TV episodes that had already seen great audience are grossly lower than ever. TV viewers move against TV to online websites and social media apps. This transition is especially true for younger viewers who settle on social media for long periods of time and watching a few TV over time. The growing TV expenses along with the expanding availability about the subject on the internet are barely a few of the factors why TV ratings have declined. ‘Brands profited from its large reach with all eyes on the house’s very first TV to involve clients on an extraordinary standard. But the focus of the viewer is turning away from the TV and heading to social media apps. Often cell phones are used to kill time on communication apps and talk about the news or what they watch or participate with other subjects.'(Abrahamson, May 1, 2017). This suggests that people use their phones to communicate and entertain themselves more than TV for its accessibility.

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As we discussed previously TV is losing its popularity over time. And because of that, there are some effects that can cause changes around us. This part of the report will discuss the effects of TV losing its popularity and the changes will cause in our life.

Cable TV networks are going bankrupt

Popular show finals don’t guarantee their tier boosts for cable TV companies as younger viewers are progressively turning to smart devices for non-television satisfaction. The live valuation for the TV shows overall cable TV networks as the audience turned more to their smart devices for enjoyment and relief dropped 30 and 40% from the past few years. A potential link could be made among increasing unemployment and declining television ratings. Ideally, if you’re not financially supported you’d spend hours watching. What if that unemployed person’s financial state is such that he/she cannot buy a cable connection? Unemployment is one of the reasons for the decreasing TV viewership along with smartphones. ‘It’s not surprising for everyone that shows on television end up losing their ratings on television. This is because a lot of mainstream media outlets like mobile computer internet connection and so on. Are heavily used. Television was replenished by computers. That’s so we can see what we like at any time that suits us by watching or downloading online content and saving it. (Mehta, n.d.). This implies that cable TV networks are losing money because of the verity of new technology that replaces it, like smartphones and computers.

B. The mobile phone industry will get more demand:

Cable TV has suffered in the past few years as more customers are leaving the cables or choosing to never subscribe for priceless TV bundles packed with channels they do not want to watch or to have the time watching. but while many turns to streaming platforms such as Amazon or HBO to get their TV fixes customers also use smartphones to spend most of their time away from the TV. The typical American consumer spends 198 minutes a day in applications compared to 168 minutes on television according to the flurry company’s data. With the transition from cable TV to smartphones will be nearly complete in the near future, the number of smartphone users worldwide has increased, and the TV will descend even more as countries like China and other big markets follow this situation. This chart implies that the use of smartphones is a lot more than the usage of TV among the young adults which they are the majority of the population in the United States, so the more people using smartphones the greater the demand on the smartphones industry.


To conclude, TV is a great invention that has changed the course of human history. It gave us reliable news, amazing sports footage, entertaining series and movies, but most importantly it helps us to create beautiful memories with our families and friends. Unfortunately, the TV is losing its charm to other technologies. While things at this period of time look hopeless toward cable TV there is no way to know what the future will make. With many TV programs to choose from the control is in the audience hands.

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