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The Effective Management of a Multigenerational Workforce: Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z

1 Introduction The world has been in constant demographic change and it’s experiencing immense changes with the advancement in vast technologies and proliferation in communication tools, resulting in clear and more prominent differences between different age groups or generations (Belal, Nafei, Khanfar, & Kaifi, 2012). Over the last couple of years, there has been interaction between three very different generations inside the workplace, Generation X, Generation Y better known as millennials, and most currently Generation Z (Belal, Nafei, Khanfar, &...
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Use of Social Media in Recruitment of Generation Y: Analytical Essay

In 1996 Ambler and Barrow were the first to discuss how organizations can apply marketing techniques to human resources management and they introduced Employer Branding by defining it as the set up of practical, economical, and psychological advantages that is established by the company and provided to the business (Ambler & Barrow, 1996). Later on, Barrow and Mosley (2005), redefined employer brand as the image of an organization that shows employees the employment place, In other words, employer brand is...
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Is Millennial Generation The Dumbest Generation

Throughout generations, technology has been changing and causing lasting effects on the human mind. As technology advances, many debate as to whether future generations will be less intelligent. While it is true that new technology has rewired our brains and led to shorter attention spans, the Millennial generation is not the “dumbest generation”, as Mark Bauerlein suggests, because the younger generations have higher IQ levels and because we pursue and use knowledge in different ways. Bauerlein is correct that technology...
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Talent Retention Strategies for Generation Y: Analytical Essay

1. Abstract For organizations to grow and flourish, managing the right talent for the right job is necessary. Talent management includes acquiring, maintaining, planning, and retaining employees. Among these dimensions, retaining of employees in generation Y is difficult. So, to overcome this issue, certain strategies should be made. These strategies will help organizations to retain talented employees which are important assets for the performance of the organization. This study aims to know the reasons of non-retention in generation Y employees...
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The Self-esteem of Millennials

According to Jean M. Twenge, PhD, author of, Generation, Millennials have been described as a more self-centered, thin-skinned, and lazy generation than any before. Twenge uses data derived from extensive research to give an overall view of Millennials and how they compare to other generations. She found that Millennials, who she defines as those born between 1982 and 1999, are more self-centered than previous generations were at the same age. They grew up during what Twenge refers to as a...
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Right Incentives for Each Generation in Workplace: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z

1.0 Introduction There are four generations by distinguishing their birth year: Baby Boomers (Born between 1946 – 1964), Gen X (Born between 1965 – 1980), Gen Y / Millennial (Born between 1981-1994), and Gen Z (Born between 1995 – 2010). In the workplace, these four generations will work together. While for different generations, they have different expectations, so different innovative methods are needed to engage, retain and attract them. In this assignment, we will focus on Baby Boomers, Gen X...
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Analytical Essay on Generation Y: Behavioral Factors That Lead to Spending and Savings

1.0 Introduction This research discusses about the behavioral factors that lead to spending and savings among generation Y. As we are moving forward to the millennium era, the cost of spending is getting higher with today’s Malaysia economic trend is just in a moderate par, but our young generation still have high buying power if compare to other generation. Additionally, the Malaysian Insolvency Department encompassed in an article published by Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (2014), with an 11% increase...
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Ways of Generation Y's Use of Social Media Influence on Individuals, Firms, and Society

1. Analyzing the business decision or problem. Generation Y or the Millennial Generation exerts a peculiar fascination on both managers and academics. In what has become common parlance, members of Generation Y are called Digital Natives, rather than Digital Immigrants. They are the first generation to have spent their entire lives in the digital environment; information technology profoundly affects how they live and work. Generation Y actively contributes, shares, searches for, and consumes content – plus works and plays –...
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Critical Analysis of Characteristics of Generation Y

Nowadays, most of the workforce in Malaysia is dominated by Generation Y. Generation Y is those born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s (Sharkawi, Syed Mohd, & Roslin, 2016). They are also known as Millennial and have unique characteristics that make them different from the generation before. This generation is raised up in surroundings which technology is widely used in daily life. More precisely, it is because of the development in the current stream of modernization is taking...
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Life Issues Faced by Millennials

Last year, many millennials seemed to be planning near-term exits from their employers. But, after 12 months of political and social upheaval, those ambitions have been tempered, according to Deloitte Global’s sixth annual Millennial Survey. Young professionals now indicate they’re less likely to leave the security of their jobs, more concerned about uncertainty arising from conflict, and—especially in developed countries—not optimistic about their future prospects nor the directions, their countries are going. The findings are based on the views of...
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