Differences between the Old Generation vs. the New Generation

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Imagine living in a world where there's nothing in the way, where you have the ability to express yourself, where you're allowed to do whatever you want, and where technology has become more usable and helpful than ever. I believe that our generation is exactly that, and this is what makes us different from the old generation.

First of all, our new generation is a place where every living person is born with the ability to love and express who they are. Of course, unfortunately, many people on this planet suffer from small traumas in their early life. May that be the thought of suicide, depression, suffering from anxiety, or even having a drug or alcohol addiction. But many of these things can be resolved by the right kind of help that we have in this generation. This help can be a therapist who is more accessible than ever or someone you’re comfortable speaking to. For example, teachers listen now and give you advice, unlike in the past when you would be hit by a cane or a belt for even speaking in a class. Even more, we are able to express ourselves and be who we are to a greater extent than ever before. Fifty years ago, people weren’t allowed to have a relationship with someone who was the same gender as them, but now you’re allowed to show that as a sign of who you are.

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We are now living in the twenty-first century with much new technology. Our technology is evolving, creating new jobs and expanding the possibilities of treating diseases. With the advancement of technology, people can connect with their loved ones 24/7. They spend less time at work in an office and spend more time at home relaxing and getting more things done. With new technology being discovered, people have more job opportunities to come. There may be job losses now, but in the future technology will grow and more jobs will be needed. I saw one video about technology from Amazon. It was about technology being involved with supermarkets. The video showed an app people had on their phones. The app is something like a grocery list where you grab something and the phone automatically puts it on your list, and if you grab something and you don’t want it, you simply put it back and the app removes it from the list, and after your pleased with what you have, you simply walk out without having to wait in a line. This is only one example of the great things that technology has to offer. Another reason is that technology has become more accessible for our generation. There are now apps where you can read books, instead of going to the library, as people of the old generation did. You are able to search for information on Google about almost anything you’re looking for instead of spending hours searching in a book. We are also provided on the Internet with websites that can help us with stuff we are stuck on, may that be homework. This is another reason why technology is so great.

Finally, the last thing that significantly distinguishes us from the old generation is that now each gender is treated equally. Unlike 70 years ago, when women were forced to clean the house when their husband was out and make sure the chores were all done when he returned. But now women have the right to participate in politics, girls now have the right to participate in schools and get a good education. They have the right to speak out and participate in things they want to achieve.

In summary, our current generation is significantly different compared to the old one. We live in a world where we have the freedom to express who we are and the new technology we have. We live among many people who support us and help us in times of need. Undoubtedly, we are a much happier generation.

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