Lack of Education Causes Poverty: Argumentative Essay

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South Africa is a country with 19.6 million children, accounting for approximately 35% of its total population of 56.5 million. Of these 19.6 million children, approximately 98% have attended some type of educational institution. However, these high attendance rates do not mean high-quality education. Poor education and the lack of necessary academic resources is the main factor that leads to poverty, and South Africa is a clear example of this. It is in the example of South Africa that in this essay I am going to argue my point of view that the lack of quality education leads to the problem of poverty in society.

Despite the high enrollment rate in education, the quality of education in South Africa is poor. The report shows that only half of students who have been in school for five years can do basic mathematics. In addition, there are few or no standards for teachers. Approximately 10% of teachers nationwide are absent from class on any given day, and 79% of sixth-grade math teachers do not have the content knowledge to teach at their respective levels. Over the years, for various reasons, the number of students dropping out of school has been on the rise. The main reason is that poverty leads to unequal access to resources. The differences between students also continue to appear in the South African educational system, especially the low percentage of girls in scientific, mathematical, or technical occupations. Additionally, South African schools have worked hard to teach basic skills such as reading and writing and early childhood development. Only 38.4% of children between the ages of 0 to 4 have attended school systems such as nurseries, playgroups, or pre-kindergarten classes. I also saw the problem of early development because 46.8% of parents said they did not read with their children and 43.15% said they did not color or draw with their children.

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South Africa has been struggling with high poverty rates for many years, and the correlation between poverty and South African education lies in many different aspects of the relationship. In rural areas of their hometown, about 81% of children live below the poverty line, while in urban areas, 44% of children also live in poverty. Lack of education is a major factor in continuing the poverty cycle. Research continues to support the view that due to obstacles caused by poverty, children with high poverty rates are more likely to drop out of school after the ninth grade. Improving the quality of education will promote economic growth, reduce income inequality, and reduce the risk of disease and violence. Without basic education, it is difficult for South African children to become part of the labor force and therefore cannot escape poverty. Education not only teaches basic skills such as reading and writing but also helps develop important qualities such as strong communication and social skills. Without this, it is difficult for children to become active members of society. In addition, educational disparities between the poor and the rich, and between men and women, exacerbate inequality and lead to poor systems that cannot solve the underlying problems.

Partners for Possibility is an example of a grassroots organization dedicated to solving the problem of poverty and education in South Africa while improving business in the United States. Business leaders from American companies travel abroad to South Africa to participate in a 12-month program in which they impart leadership and participation to school principals and leaders. By doing so, business professionals can help change South Africa's unstable and inefficient education system, while also understanding South Africa's poverty and culture. As education leaders, teachers, and parents increasingly participate in the school system, the program has achieved very positive results, which in turn benefit children.

Poverty is closely related to education. The lack of quality education only contributes to the continued existence of poverty as a problem not only in South Africa, the example of which was considered in this essay, but also in many other countries, mainly third-world countries. Quality education - this is what can form a generation of people capable of causing changes for the better. I am fully convinced that this is absolutely not something that is impossible, and united we are able to help these countries in their economic development and personal prosperity.

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