The Importance Of Education In Animal Farm

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Only some animals can read and this can be taken advantage of. The pigs change the commandments over time based on what they want but the animals can’t remember or really read the difference. This helps the argument because the pigs are taking advantage of the animals by basically changing the rules to what they want based on the time without the animals knowing. Another example of when the pigs take advantage of the other animals inability to read, is when Squealer states that Snowball was in league with Mr. Jones based on these papers and he would show the animals the papers if they could read. This helps the argument because Squealer is using the fact that the animals can’t read to support his false claim. Along with that in this book the pigs take advantage of the animals inability to read by taking Boxer away to the “hospital”. The pigs thought they could get away with this easily because the Animals couldn’t read. Instead the pigs sent Boxer to a horse slaughter and only one person noticed while the rest cheered for Boxer going to the hospital. Shown in the book, Squealer in a speech against Snowball claims that there are papers that would show that Snowball is in league with Jones but can’t show them to the animals because they can’t read. “I could show you this in his own writing, if you were able to read it” (Orwell VII 24). This quotation is in the middle of one of Squealers speeches explaining how Snowball was in league with Mr. Jones and was fighting against the animals. At this point Squealer says there are papers showing the allegiance between Mr. Jones and Snowball and states that he would show them to the animals if they could read. This helps the argument because of the lack of ability to read, the animals are being taken advantage of by being persuaded with fake evidence because they can’t read. This helps Napoleon because it shows that Napoleon is a reliable leader and can find evidence against Snowball and also it “shows” that Snowball only had bad intentions.

Without basic knowledge of the world and work, the animals don’t know what is truly too much and an overuse of power. Throughout the book the animals don’t get any education and this causes them not to know what is right and what is wrong. In the book Napoleon is constantly ordering the animals around and forcing them to work all day every day. They don’t know that this is an overuse of power and they shouldn’t be forced around like this. This helps the argument because if they were educated on what a job is they would know that they should get paid, along with that they are only allowed to have a certain amount of time put in which would change everything on the farm, almost like a normal civilized society. Furthermore, the animals aren’t educated on the different types of government's and how they should be run. Animal Farm was declared a Republic which should give the animals a lot more freedom along with voice in what is happening. This doesn’t happen in the book with Napoleon continuing to order the Animals around and not let them have an opinion. If the Animals were educated on different types of government then they should know that there has to be change. In a republic there is a leader but the leader makes decisions based on the people's choices and opinions. Along with that they would most likely overthrow the pigs by knowing that it is a dictatorship. Finally the animals were not educated on anything. This makes it so the animals don’t have any ideas during meetings which basically means they don’t have any voice. This is important because the pigs can take complete advantage of the animals by suggesting what they want and somewhat forcing the idea because there is no overruling or competition between ideas. This quote is almost at the end of the book and was stated for a change of Animal Farm by turning the government system to a Republic.“In April, Animal Farm was proclaimed a Republic, and it became necessary to elect a President. There was only one candidate, Napoleon” (Orwell IX 35). This quote plays into two parts. This shows that there is no competition between ideas or people, as there is “no” other opinion for the election Napoleon becomes the President. This also shows the lack of overall education in Animal Farm. This shows this because, as stated earlier the animals if educated, would be able to know that this isn’t a Republic but rather a dictatorship. This would most likely horrify all the animals that they have been lied to the entire time.

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The pigs who are educated, can take advantage of the other animals by using their knowledge to create lies, along with using the idea that they are smart to stay in power. In Animal Farm the pigs took over as the “leaders” and explained it by saying they are smart. At this point in the book the animals had just thrown out Mr. Jones and all of his workers. They then woke up and now had to start on the hay harvest. At this point the pigs took over and started commanding and telling everyone what to do. This is important because this is the start of the pigs getting very power hungry and making the farm corrupt. Along with that it is the start of the pigs taking advantage of the other animals.

Throughout the book the pigs create many lies to stay in power and be very persuasive with the animals to keep them on their side. One example of this is when there is a problem with the apples and milk. The pigs have been taking all the fresh apples and milk and consuming them rather than sharing them with the farm. This causes the animals to become a little unsettled by the pigs' greed. Then Squealer hosts a speech explaining to the animals that they have to run the farm and milk and apples have proven to help pigs work with their brains because of this extreme task. This is important because this is just one lie that the pigs present to the animals to help stay in power, get their way, be persuasive, etc.Another example of the pigs lying to get their way or what they want is at the end of the story with food cuts given to each animal. As the animals are running low on food they have to buy food. Once they have a sufficient supply the animals start to question why they are still getting very small portions. Squealer then proceeds to give statistics of food increases rather than decreases or equal portions. This is a lie again by the pigs, trying to keep the animals content. This is important because it is another lie by the pigs to the animals showing that the pigs are doing everything they can to stay in power, keep their people content, and have the pigs live a luxurious life compared to the other animals. The animals believe that they are getting smaller portions of food at the end of the story. Squealer tries to convince the animals that they are getting increases through statistics and explanations.“and fed no better than they had done in Jones's day...class of foodstuff had increased by two hundred per cent, three hundred per cent, or five hundred per cent, as the case might be. The animals saw no reason to disbelieve him…” (Orwell VIII 27).This quote shows that the animals were getting fed as they had been fed when Jones was around. Squealer then argued that they were being fed way more than they had before and were eating much more. This clearly is a lie based on the fact that the animals are being fed as much as they were when Jones was there. Also the randomness of increases in food also seems a little questionable with some days being 5 times as much food and some days 2 times as much food. This just shows that the pigs are again lying to keep the animals content and against rebellion and with the pigs.

In conclusion, the lack of education throughout all the animals caused many hardships for them through the power hungry pigs.The pigs took advantage of all the animals throughout the book to live a luxurious life. Along with that this society was running fairly well throughout the entire book.These pigs took advantage through the book in ways such as the animals not being able to read, not having any ideas from the lack of education, and the idea of the smarter you are the more power you get. This created many opportunities for the pigs throughout the book that they happily took advantage of. This could relate to the world in the government of a dictatorship. This could relate to a couple countries where in the eyes of someone from a different country, they see corruption.

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