Knowledge And Education Is A Key To Success

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Education powers a better world by serving society and allowing people to become better citizens. As we all know, “education is a key to success”. Education allows society to gain knowledge and gives way to more professional career options like teaching, engineering, and accounting. Education teaches us how to manage time wisely, how to handle several tasks at the same time without panicking, and how to deal with people in a proper manner. These skills are vital for us to cope and excel in the working life as we will be facing many difficulties or challenges. Proper education allows an increase in the average income to fulfill the basic needs in life. Education builds confidence so that we are able to make decisions, face life problems, and accept successes and failures. Being well educated does not only mean having an educational certificate and being paid high; however, it also means having a good social life. In this competitive world, education is a necessity for all of us. Education provides solutions to all problems. Education helps us to think rationally and make the right decision. Through education, we learn about the importance of being honest, respecting and honoring authority, and respecting one another.

Education helps in the personal development of an individual. As Francis Bacon said, “knowledge is power”. Knowledge gives a person the ability to understand, analyze, make better decisions. Education improves and increases the confidence level of every individual. It also improves the decision-making capabilities in every kind of critical situation which they might face in the future. Besides that, education leads to exposure. Through education, people are introduced to science, mathematics, literature, fine arts, and more which gives an opportunity to individuals to discover their talents and abilities. Education improves communication skills. When people are learning, they are often called upon to express themselves verbally. Through this, they learn how to use language effectively in order to communicate ideas, defend opinions and ask questions. Educated people are more likely to be open-minded. They are not confined by their own beliefs, nor are confined by the beliefs of others. By being open-minded people, stop being judgemental towards others and accept them for who they are, and give equal respect to everyone. This can prevent conflicts from taking place within a society. Education teaches discipline. We learn how to behave properly and speak politely to people. Through education, we learn to say the right thing at the right time so that we don’t hurt any parties.

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In addition, maturity is also one of the ways how education powers a better world. Maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner at the correct time. A mature person will take responsibility for his/her own actions rather than blaming others if anything goes wrong. For example, maturity is very important for a leader. A mature can receive compliments as well as criticism without getting offended. A mature leader will seek opinions from others before making any decision so that it will be fair to all parties. There will always be things that go wrong and leaders are more likely to face major disappointments but a matured leader will identify the actions that can be taken to move on. People will face less conflict when they are matured. They forgive easily and don’t hold a grudge. Matured people replace arguments and misunderstandings with communication and compromising. Education prevents people from getting cheated easily. People with education can differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

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