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An Exploratory Study On Importance Of Digital Education: Its Opportunity & Challenges

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Modern society is moving from an information society to a knowledge society. This research has shown the students opinion regarding the outer world and their creativity depending upon the factors of digital education. The aim of this study is to find out the importance of digital studies in education systems which aid to have the creativity among the students. We all are living in the world of globalization were the use of digital education has become the witnessing for the field of teaching and learning. When we talk about the importance of digital studies in education, it is easier and meaningful to look through the benefits we get through the same. This paper describes the process of creation and knowledge through technology. The use of digital education makes the learner to remember the perception or theory for longer period of time. They convey the significant as words but it gives clear theory which helps to bring productiveness in learning. This paper shows that how much these digital technologies are importance in education and its impact in general. This also shows the evidence, however, that modern devices and means of information transfer are necessary for its development.

Keywords: Digital education, Opportunities, Knowledge & skills, learning


Education is very important to every human being as education gives the knowledge and skill to the students. Students need education in order to improve their quality of studies. It’s a human perceive what they see what they react which is based on their perception. Teaching and learning plays a major role in the education system. From the past few years it has been seen that day by day the education has increased in great demand with more modern techniques in the education system. With the standard of education getting higher, learning tools and technology has been developed to make the students learning skills in more effective manner. Increased in demand of digital education leads the students to up to date and maintain the student’s level, which help them to compete with others easily. Students with digital education are become more popular and more interesting in order to growing their knowledge. According to this paper it shows that students learn through engaging methods.

As digital learning is more interactive and memorable as compared to the one-sided lecture. It has been seen that one sided lectures make students duller and less competitive, it shows the less interest for the student’s point of view. As we move from Pedagogy (Child Education) to Andragogy (Adult Education), the essence of providing ideas take more importance to the classical note-making as in Child education. It transforms education from learning to the generation of ideas, various aids like powerpoint presentations, flipcharts, smart boards etc. are introduced for ease of understanding of the learner. In digital education methods, it allows the students to better connect with the learning material and they often offer a more interesting involvement. It automatically reflects in their retention rate and test score, whereas it is very easy from students side to track their own progress and it can improve motivation and accountability. Due to the technology keeps on advancing and it is becoming very essential to our lives. Digital education is making its way into the education system of India. It is helpful to all as it aims to break the numerous barriers that prevent people from receiving quality education. Online education in India is growing at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of approximately 19% by 2020. Where as in India of 70 percent over the past 12 months. As per the survey India is the third largest country for online learning after US and China.

According to this paper we can see that how the digital education makes its ways to reach heights and growth in the field of the education system and how it has been increasing its demand in the young generation who highly depends on the digital education.

The objective of the study

  • To find out the acceptance of digital education as a part off training among teachers and academicians
  • To understand, if Smart/Digital classroom is the need of the hour
  • To analyze the students view on the use of the digital education system of learning


This paper is based on the primary and secondary sources analysis concepts on demand and opportunity of Digital education. Basically, this research had tried to show the student's opinion and their needs towards the education systems by analyzing in terms of questionnaires and interviews conducted in the two colleges of West Bengals and different research papers, books and websites.

Literature Review

Saima Rasul (2011) in a research paper entitled “A study to analyze the effectiveness of audiovisual aids in teaching’’ has tried to show the importance of education in each one of life. How the education rules in the teaching and learning of the student's development in an effective manner. Due to the change in time and technique the teaching concept has been changed a lot and for the development of the students and its required it is necessary to follow the path of effective teaching. To meet the requirement of digital education in an effective manner, it is necessary to meet or arise the student’s interest of learning and helps the teacher to explain the concept in an easier manner.

Gideon Boadu(2014) in a research paper entitled “An examination of the use of technology in the teaching’’ has change the trend in education system as now the it’s an increase in the demand of technology to meet the requirement of each and every one. According to Amezdo (2007), the world has reached the stage where the role of technology has taken a major role in the education system. Digitalization advancement over the year has led to significant and different changes in human behavior.

Doosuur Ashaver and Sandra MwueseIg yuve (2013) in a paper entitled “The use of audiovisual material in the teaching and learning process in Education”, point out that it helps the students and faculties to overcome physical difficulties of presenting the subject topic. Basically, it breaks the distance of improve the difference between communication. The study shows that students donot retain for long and easily understand the concept whatever they are taught. Such learning does not encourage the lack of interest or stimulation. It evaluates the needs of students and teacher’s.It identifies that audio-visual studies material in education can existence for long term. This may tend to expose the learner more to thinking. There are numerous benefits that a student can utilize from the use of audiovisual studies aids and quick understanding weight more.

Jerome Bruner (1974) the American learning psychologist, he differentiates between the methods of confronting reality and acquiring in the learning process.

  • En active: Active dealing
  • Iconic: Dealing according to the media
  • Symbolic: Dealing through media of thought

Aims of Digital Education:

Question and answer and taking feedback in a programmed teaching

Selection and work through the prescribed link

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Participating in the tutorial dialogues for a training exercise

Opening a comments windows

Drill and practice programmed

Conducting original experiments

The above mentioned are some of the possibilities that we can work on it for increasing the activity and interactivity.It puts the students in a situation from were they can gain information, to take a look at the learning programme.

Government efforts towards Digital Education

The government of India ministry of Human Resources Development has introduce the National Mission on Education through information and communication technology. Its main objective is to increase the quality of education system by introducing the digital education with quality content accessible to all learners. Some of the initiative under this program is:

  3. National Digital Library
  4. Spoken Tutorial
  5. Free and Open Source Software for Education (FOSSEE)
  6. Virtual lab
  7. E –Yantra

These are the following scheme through which the students can learn more and connect towards the digital education, a scheme Operation Digital Board for establishing Smart class room.

Opportunities of Digital Education

India is one of the world fastest growing countries. One of the largest vertical markets in audiovisual is higher education. Audiovisual studies are the important in teaching and learning. According to education in India, published by Grant Thornton, the primary and secondary education, or K-12 sector is expected to reach $ 50 billion in 2015 growing at an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14 percent. Over the past 8-9 years, Indian education centre has demonstrated that their ability to adopt digital education is no lesser than anybody else in the world. Due to this many education centre has adopted audio-visual technologies It has a great advantage as it makes the education contextualized. Using the high quality of digital education material will make every learner will find a joy and increase interest towards education. In the past many proposal has been made by the government of India regarding e-education and this could be a very great opportunity to take up the digital education across the country.

The benefit of digital learning in the education is extremely large. The ability of digitalization in learning is personalized. The digital tools make it possible for everyone to target instructional material to each student. Time has change completely were the students, as well as teachers, have understood the importance of digitalization that collaborative learning increases the student's engagement as well as it improve the learning outcome, which helps the students to create a image of more interactive as well as interesting session. It is an easy to help the students to identify the use and importance of each and every topic related to their basic daily development and growth. But according to the research, it shows that it is somehow related to the money problem in education tech. As apart from this the digital learning creates a good impact on students as they have also agree on this.


The aim of this research is to find out the student's perception towards digital education and its opportunity and demand in the education systems through questionnaires.



A total number of 100 respondents expressed their response on the said research.

Your views on A/V Classroom as a future of Training methodology in India?

A total 65 number of respondents answered to this question and it was summarized that 60 out of 65 respondents felt that this is the future of education, and rest 5 discussed about the need of basic education and developing the presently available resources and how to best utilize them. The points derived from these questions included,

  1. Interest in learning process
  2. Enhanced Learning
  3. Digitization of education
  4. Costly
  5. Problem of availability


Digital education opens new opportunities for every segment of learner, from basic education to the highest education, all segment of learner appreciate the ease of understanding any cintent when visually displayed, it is the greatest concern for everyone to connect between education and technology. As this is the age of technology, and the entire system has been transformed to digitization. In the same time we see that many researcher and educators and working throughout the country that depends on digital learning and how it can be used to deliver quality education to the students. Even though the government has taken some steps to make the education system more convenient and easier, the availability of vast amount of information on the internet has all types of learning material with ease of accessibility, which needs to be adopted and start entirely and completely throughout the country.


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