Importance Of College Education: Opinion Essay

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It is very true that education is one of main factor to succeed in life in our society. Everyone wishes to go to Ivy League school. But, as a student, have you ever asked yourself ‘what am I doing here?’ or ‘why am I learning something that I will never use it in the future?’ then what do we learn from college? Simply, school teach you how to pass in test not to pass in life. Downloading data and algorithms into your brain, for years of repeat cycle of constantly memorizing information that we might not even use them in future. There are gaps in the modern-day college education system that leads it to be inefficiently in our economy and society.

First main point (financial)

We have education bubble in the U.S. The financial excessive investment in the college education made negative repercussion in the economy in the U.S. We currently have trillion Dollars in student debt. If we think about it, our society is asking people at age of 17~19 to make $100,000 debt decision when they go off to real world. Young adults who just graduated from University are not prepared for this; many don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Rebecca Lake, who has over 10 years of experience of reporting for personal finance claims that

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'Student loan debt has reached astronomical levels in the U.S., with 44.2 million Americans carrying an estimated $1.48 trillion in education debt. The average class of 2018 graduate left school with $39,400 in student loans. The financial burden of student loan debt proves heavier to bear for some borrowers than others.”

while college tuition fees rising, the demand of college graduate's skill exceed as well. Which aggravates graduate unemployment. Many scientists predict that this trend might lead to downturn in economic activity in near future. Then Do people truly receive trillion Dollars' worth of education?

Second main point (society awareness)

Nowadays, people easily judge someone’ acknowledge base on their school, our society suspect people's skill based on the which college they went to. This is call ‘Unitary thought’ which means bringing all facts into relation with one. This trend of unitary thinking where students must go to an elite college, you must go to Yale, or you go to jail, promotes inefficient behavior of people in society. Most of the parents and students think of college degree as an insurance policy, and with this never more expensive insurance students will have less chance to fall through in our society. It is true that students who graduated from great university can be indication that they will be capable of great things, but it’s not necessarily the case. Many of most successful people have dropped out of school.

Third main point (experience; learning method)

Typically, in class, someone will be standing in front and lecturing at the student. He or she might have done same lecture more than ten years and they are not very excited about it. Also, students are asked to memorize many formulas, equation and data but many don’t know why. Nearly everything we’re taught never applied for everyday life. The true learning comes from the mistake. Students need to make mistake and think about how they would deal with it differently in order to avoid mistake, when they are in similar situation. Students need to think and figure out what to do next not following the person who told them what to do next. However, students only taught what they need to know to pass the exams, not to pass the life. The problem is that students are not “learning”, they are regurgitating. In fact, a lot of people learn stuff that they will probably never use them in the future. Often, even students graduate from famous universities without any practical experience.

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