What Does It Mean to Be Educated: Opinion Essay

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It goes without saying that nowadays education plays a vital role in the life of everyone living in a developed society, thus it had been and still covers many aspects of the life of humanity. The fields of economics, politics, and social-related dimensions are directly associated with 'education' and tightly dependent on one another by having a certain impact. As a matter of fact, the word 'Education' is interpreted distinctly, and still communities of many countries hold a wrong view of what education is. Hence, education-related issues are being come to the attention of the world community, though, still being highly discussed in order to give a hand to less-developed countries, because we all know that knowledge is a cornerstone of any civilization, having information about things we need, is already making us more powerful than we think we are. This essay is going to look through the ways in which education does reverberate on the formation of society, and the development of the country by taking into account the disadvantages of being 'uneducated' and possible unfavorable outcomes that can let us know about themselves in further.

No need to emphasize to you the importance of education, in our modern society. If we indulge in retrospections we daresay that education was and still is supposed to be the bridge between countries, utilized for relationship reinforcement purposes worldwide. The brightest example is pretty simple to guess, like when countries open their boundaries to foreigners. By offering partnerships and various programs where they can interact to reap a benefit from one another mutual relations in many fields, such as allowing acquiring knowledge at their local educational establishments, signing new business contracts based on total trustworthiness and etcetera...Talking about studying at universities, colleges or schools, many countries would not refuse such a tempting offer, by taking into consideration that, nowadays in many countries conditions for students are not that satisfactory. By studying at those educational institutions, students have a good chance to carve a niche for themselves right after graduation, no to mention the outlook and knowledge they might probably get while studying. So that when the time comes those students would come back to their motherlands and make a huge contribution to the development of their country. Blatantly obvious to be understood that such political movements towards one another those countries usually commit are full of meaning, and fortunately not vain. (Whether undeveloped countries mentioned above are fully aware of their weaknesses and drawbacks inherent in them, is none of my business anyway), however, education-related issues are the most common and troublesome issues ever emerged. I can cite an instance, such countries like Guinea, Nigeria, Benin, and many other countries which can not afford not just good but even minimally necessary living conditions for their own citizens, not to talk about conditions for studying. Perhaps, less-developed countries and their Citizens are not simply able to realize their capabilities and rights as human beings. In this case capabilities of the country itself are restricted, without having 'citizens' unable to make decisions independently, they shall go by circle over and over, unless that circulation gets rotted till its the deepest parts and just fall to small pieces without a possibility to be recovered again to its initial state as a country.

As I have mentioned above the importance of education in various fields of life. I would like to discuss the certain impact that education has on the employment rate around the world. As that is one of the main factors and purposes of studying.

Wherever we are, if we are educated and have a ready diploma in our hands, we shall know our way around, where to go and what to do, and our targets will be explicit enough to follow after and attain. Mostly 'being educated' for us means 'to have a well-paid job the question is, what do we understand when say to have a well-paid job? I understand it like, having a job is necessary to satisfy our daily needs, though, that's a very conservative way of thinking, as we use to think that way. The bitter truth should be admitted, the fact that everything comes to money in either way is irrefutable. This is the simplest law of life. If you have money then you can possess whatever you want. Nowadays, money is one of our biggest concerns of ours, thus being employed means a lot. Not only for simple citizens but for a government as well, having a qualified or even ordinary workforce at least is compulsory. As you know without any exaggerations, being uneducated usually leads to terrible consequences, and being unemployed is only one of them. The first is, I imagine a country like a big clock, and it has many details inside, those details are people let's say, and every person inside of this huge and complicated system has a certain role. Without even a minor detail that the system gets weakened. The same thing to employment, people earn for a living by working, and at the same time, they pay taxes set by the government. Needless to say, that government exists at the expense of taxes paid by citizens. So that by purchasing even a little chewing gum we pay taxes. In this sense, without a job, we can't afford even simple chewing gum. When the government starts losing its customers, the economical state gets unstable. The blatantly obvious thing actually, isn't it? The second problem might appear to be silly but it's very close to being the truth. Being jobless can negatively reflect on the physical and mental well-being of a person. Health-related issues are also one of the highly discussed topics worldwide, and still, remain to be so. Being jobless means not having money, no money, no food, that's how the life chain of humanity is. That makes people get nervous and full of anxiety, and finally, it is a main cause of disability to do something or even directly lead to the deathbed. Such countries like Greece, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Romania, Denmark, Germany, the UK, and Mexico are taking the leading positions(which they can be proud of)as countries with the highest unemployment rates as well as death rates(commitments of suicide are also included)

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Countries that are facing up unemployment-related issues because of their inner conflicts or misunderstanding, like when the youth can not find a job after graduation from the university, corruption, sanctions, and many other reasons. Those countries should think through their further actions, thoroughly, to decrease the possibility of emerging these problems. As we already understood, being educated is just half of a puzzle, it can not be always helpful to solve the problems mentioned above.

Nowadays, the necessity for skilled workers is pretty high, the reason for this is that studying at universities to get Bachelor's or Master's degree is so troublesome that not everyone can afford it. As was already mentioned above, being educated is just half of the whole puzzle. Getting that knowledge is the rest of the problem. The financial state of people usually is the main challenging part. I can cite my life as an instance, while I was studying at school in 9th grade, my parents got divorced of some family-related issues. As I can remember, right after that, my mother left us and went to Turkey of looking for a job by taking responsibility as the breadwinner of our family, because my father didn't care about me and my two little brothers. My grandmother took care of us while our mother wasn't nearby, when the time had come and I graduated the school, I went to college right after that, telling the truth our financial state was poor enough, hence, we couldn't afford that many kinds of stuff, for eating normally or even to buy clothes, so that I had been obligated to work in a part-time job, I worked as a waiter in a restaurant by evenings and at the same time, studied at college, owing to the stamina of mine, I could have handled it. Beyond my studies at the college, I gave a start to learn English on my own. In those times, hiring a tutor was really so expensive that I did not even have it in my mind. Everything I needed, brought me 'money' either way. 'The more money you have the happier you are, that's what I used to tell myself. A year passed and my mother could find a well-paid job for herself and began sending money month by month, to provide us with everything we needed. Finally, I was given a chance to think about my future. I was aiming to study at the university, but somehow, unanticipated happened, my mother refused to support me in my beginnings, my target about studying at the university was almost trampled, when she said ' we can't afford it anyway, just forget about it and find a job for yourself to earn money. Fortunately, I didn't listen to her and kept studying English by not listening to anyone who was trying to change my mind and stood as a barrier in my way. I followed my target, went against everything and everyone, and when I was accepted by the university, those who didn't believe in me got deeply shocked by the results I had. Even my mother had a change of heart, thus, decided to supply me financially to let me build my future and not let me repeat the mistakes that my father made. Surprisingly, even my father appeared when he heard me leaving the country due to my struggles and somehow gave me financial aid as a Father(perhaps felt that he has a son). That's how I ended up here eventually.

The reason for telling my story, in a nutshell, is to interpret how being dedicated to what we consider right, is essential. Giving up without even trying has always been easy, not stopping moving forward towards our goals indeed is the most difficult part of life. Going against everything and everyone isn't that easy too then it seems to be on first gaze, it demands many sacrifices. Although I don't consider myself the only one who had such an experience in life by being so young but still not all individuals are capable to understand their capabilities. When a person doesn't have his/her perspectives, or targets in life, they keep holding the idea of how useless they are, as if they can't do anything with issues emerging.

As I said before, in the first paragraph of mine, everyone understands 'education' differently. Being educated in the first place for me means having a strong will and self-discipline. Not studying at the university or somewhere else, no schools or colleges can teach us to deal with our problems. I understand life like a test, for example in exams we are given the same question papers that we will be ready to answer through made preparations, but in life, it's completely different, everyone has various question papers and they must find answers on their own, there is no time to get prepared. Even after graduation, no guarantee that a person can be capable to handle all those things about to happen to him. Having control over our lives is in our hands only.

The conclusion I guess is too obvious, the already existing conception of the word 'education' has got two meanings, the first one means 'to acquire knowledge, and the other one's point is 'nurture' so that being educated doesn't always mean to be clever, the way how we handle various challenges on our way that we come across to, that thing demonstrates what sort of a person we really are. In case people are knowledgeable enough, based on experience, they would solve all problems in the place, thus no room for problems will be left to appear

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