Should the Humanities Be Taught in College: Critical Essay

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Colleges develops our skills to be effective and successful in our careers in the future. Not only that, according to Ciardi (1940), this type of education lets us go in the minds of many amazing authors. These authors help us to understand what the world is and what the world should be. In today’s world, the humanities are the subjects that gives life to those authors. It makes sense why it is taught in colleges. I do believe as well that the humanities should be taught in colleges because this will complete our mindset in truly becoming educated to change the world for the better of people. It adds on the creativity that everyone should acquire to make the world a wonderful place to live in.

Humanities is an academic discipline that everyone needs to know about. According to College Choice (2020), by definition, it is a study of human culture. Based on what I know, I think it is important to know how to be a human. In the sense of knowing history and learning from the past, then applying those learnings in today’s current day. It also teaches us to appreciate art and understand the message of the artist. The subject matter gives us a holistic view to people’s opinions and perspectives. Most importantly, it makes us think critically in solving our problems. These are the cornerstones that the humanities have to offer. That is why I agree that it should be taught in college because the purpose of college is to prepare us in the real world.

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University of Texas (2017) said that this subject gives us an additional asset that sets us apart from the others. Just imagine a world without this subject, we probably be clueless on what the world really is. There would be no appreciation to art, law, history and many more. We will have to figure out again and again how to live as one society. As you can see, the humanities are guides for us to understand each and everyone’s ideology and in that sense, we create a collective system that makes us civilized and upright citizens of the world.

In conclusion, I believe that the humanities are an important part of a college education. Young people like me can expound our knowledge about things that matters in our society. It focuses on perspective of other people, and I think that if we understand everyone’s situation, we will be more empathetic and holistic to the people around us, which will lead to peace. In preparing for the future, I think that peace should be our goal. Through teaching the humanities, we can achieve that goal and make our lives better. We can classify ourselves as an educated person if we gain the knowledge that the humanities want us to have.


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