Reflections on Why the Humanities Should Be Taught in College

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If the main focus of the humanities are men, why should there be a need to study ourselves? According to Gaff and Ratcliff (1997), the humanities talk about the life of others, people whom we have never even met before. The life of others gives us stories and ideas on how life was back then. The humanities are commonly focused on aspects that are deemed to be useless and unpractical, when in reality, the humanities prove to have the most value in our lives. It gives a man's existence purpose and holds him in paramount importance. The humanities show us the value of our emotions and what truly makes us human.

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In addition to my introductory points, the humanities encompass philosophical anthropology and economic development. They all thoroughly explain what makes us human and focus on dignifying our existence as men. Philosophical anthropology is highly fundamental because it proves that we are rational beings, and that we are capable of reflecting on our relationship with others. Aside from this, the humanities also pertain to different forms of art. Art is created and seen by everyone, everywhere, all the time. The value of art is never compromised. The humanities also help in preserving and cultivating man’s knowledge and enriches human life, which I think is similar with perfecting man’s faculties and achieving the ultimate end. The humanities study man not as a means but as an end, which is alike to the primary subject of economics, which states that human beings should be the center of economics and should not be treated similar to an instrument nor a mere utility for others (Crosthwaite et al., 2019). The humanities prove to distinguish man from material things and animals through the emphasis of man’s intellect.

Although some people may think that the humanities is a minor subject that does not serve any purpose in professional workplaces, I believe that studying the humanities is very useful. The humanities deserve to be taught in universities, because this subject teaches us the importance of being alive and being human. The humanities prove our distinction from material things and animals. The humanities do not only discuss being human, it also discusses preserving man’s knowledge and enriching human life. This includes art, culture, traditions, and others. If the humanities are not included in our studies, then how will we know the true essence of being human? Wouldn’t it be simply ironic that we are humans, yet we do not really know who we are?

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