Important Insights I Learned from My Humanities Course: Reflective Essay

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Art is extremely necessary for our lives. It constitutes one in all the oldest forms and, most significantly, it shows a mean of expression developed by man. It's a language, that is charged with feelings and significance that has sprung up among men inhabitation. For this, I’m glad to experience the wonder of art. Learning about the humanities is meant to create us students with a better piece of knowledge and to understand that the mere possession of information and knowledge in the humanities is useless unless if you set a helpful and useful idea to it.

Since the start, our perception influences however we tend to perceive the globe around us, however we have an expectation to move with it. Our perception of reality dictates what we tend to build, how we build, and for whom. In alternative words, our perception of reality dictates future realities. Our perception of reality dictates what we have a likelihood to produce what we have a tendency to see and create, feel and listen to as an example. In the humanities people might create paintings, sculpture, literature, music, design that can influence us or teach us about an important period of time and how past reflects the future and what has advanced over the years.

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The most important idea I learned in this humanities course was the one-way contemporary society. It benefited me by teaching the advice of the Age of Enlightenment by using John Locke's ‘3 natural rights’. With his rights, he believed in the right to life, the right of liberty, and the right of property. Imagine being in a world with no right of you having your own property and people come in take what is yours. Having those three rights have brought better peace to the world because from John Locke's knowledge we can teach other people and our children how to respect others and their properties. With today's society, some people have forgotten about these rules and what the Age of Enlightenment was. Also, it was called the 'Age of Reason' and the whole purpose of it was so it can bring political, religious, and educational knowledge and reasoning.

I believe that with the knowledge we have now from past philosophers, we can teach our children and other people the purpose of what these philosophers have created. We can show them the properties and meanings, for example, of John Locke's field. How people can be selfish, especially in our human nature, and how everyone is equal and has the right to be on this earth. It is our job to teach the children what these fields mean and how they can show others respect. Without these properties, there would be more crimes and inequality and closed mindsets with negative impacts on our society, and it can affect the future. The people that already knows some of these past philosophers they need to keep in mind that without this kind of history there would not be democracy and organization to our society. According to John Locke, “All mankind... being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions”. With the law of nature, there can be equality and liberty and democracy for our society. This concept has taught me that I cannot continue living life by letting other people have control of me. I will apply this idea and concept in my life by teaching other people that thanks to our past philosophers they have made us realize the true meaning of our life, and thanks to John Locke who has taught us that we have our rights and we deserve to live our life by being happy and respecting others, their possessions and property.

The most interesting work of art that I have learned about in this humanities course is 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'. This triptych oil painting on an oak panel was painted by the Early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch, between 1490 and 1510. According to Wikipedia, “Bosch was between 40 and 60 years old. It has been housed in the Museo del Prado in Madrid since 1939”. The reason as to why this painting is interesting to me it's because this painting shows an intellectual message and a vision to the viewers analyzing this painting. In the painting it shows naked people all surrounded by animals and different angelic instruments, such as a harp. Another thing I noticed is that the naked people are surrounded by water and plants all over on one side of the painting, and the other side is surrounded by mystical looking creatures. The reason as to why he has all these animals, creatures and instruments is because he is trying to symbolize what life was like when Adam and Eve were created by God. This painting contains a vital interest to me as a result of I feel it's attention-grabbing, however this painter had a giant vision and despite the fact that there weren't loads of technology previously or known colors and skills, he still managed to show his vision throughout all those years that it took him to complete this painting and it has changed my life by giving me a higher clarification of how individuals saw the world back then.

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