The Value of the Humanities': Critical Essay

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One of the hardest choices a college student must make is what degree to go after. With the growth of student loans and the rising price of tuition, many undergraduates, myself included, feel the coercion to choose a major that will make us successful after graduation. The question as to what one plans to do with their major is natural for undergraduates with plans to pursue careers in nursing or the business field. On the other hand, it is much more difficult for students studying the humanities to confidently answer this question. The discussion over the worth of a liberal arts degree has become a normal conversation among undergraduates and their parents, which has led them to wonder, is this degree even beneficial to them at all?

The assertion that most people are making is that science and technology majors give undergraduates superior job possibilities than the liberal arts majors. Humanities majors typically do not earn as much money and are probably not going to have as much work that will make use of their skills. The reasons why many contemplate a science or technology major to be more useful might be due to the emphasis on the growing skills that are immediately relevant to their professions. In his lecture, Ken Ilgunas describes how it took working in Alaska and living out of his van for him to find what he really wanted to do. Ilgunas describes in his video how afraid students are to follow a liberal arts path, because they might not receive a job after college in the particular field that they studied for. The skills that are obtained in a humanities major might be deemed more theoretical and less precious in the period after graduation. However, there is a compelling argument to be made for the usefulness of a liberal arts major in today's community. One of America’s finest aspirations is civic capacity, which is expanded through learning, and liberal education is the crucial key both to new civic capacity and to meeting the challenges we face at home and abroad.

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Humanities majors have numerous long-term advantages and rewards that are frequently disregarded. Humanities majors give undergraduates a wide variety of skills, many of which bosses consider with noteworthy significance. Humanities majors provide for flexibility and adjustability to recently developed professional jobs. According to Dr. DeJoy, “There is consistent evidence that highest salaries apply to positions that call for intensive use of liberal education capabilities”. The objectives and results of liberal teaching are understanding of human arts and the world, as well as mental and functional skills. Dr. Dejoy noted that liberal education provides an understanding that can be exerted in big societal, technological, and worldwide problems, and that students learn how to try different answers in order to find what succeeds. Undergraduates might be able to use their broad assortment of skills in a substantial number of professions and jobs. Ultimately, humanities degrees may be better prepared than their science and technology counterparts for the changing and changing global job demand.

In conclusion, I am convinced that the humanities are of great value because they provide a multifaceted view of the world. It authorizes undergraduates to observe past one view, persuading them to appreciate others even if they don’t see eye to eye. It teaches us to found our beliefs on rationality rather than feeling.

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