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Many said much on why football is the beautiful game, it’s because anyone can play it almost anywhere. Young and old, good or not-so-good and even with one leg. You can play on grass, a street, sand, basketball or tennis court, on turf, under the scorching sun, or rain, windy, indoor or outdoor. After all, football is, as they say, a beautiful game. In this article you will know how special is Football Tournaments in Chennai and how passionate people...
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Have you ever wanted to play the sport of football? Well if you do, than you should really think of the risks football has if you play. Many people have had life threatening injuries because of the sport. Some of those injuries even caused death. People should really make football safer for the players by having better protective equipment, annual wellness checkups for the players, and even changing some rules. Having better protective equipment will really cause less injuries in...
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One of the games that attracts global attention is the Super Bowl. Today, every American footballer (not soccer player) wants to play in the tournament as the glitz and glamor associated with it is just heartwarming. Do you wish to make a career of it? If yes, you must know that the game is very masculine and not for lily-livered people. Indeed, you need lots of stamina to withstand the pull, push and tackles associated with the game. So, the...
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Sports in general bring out the competitive nature we all have inside. But when it comes to football the levels of competitiveness seem to increase. Everyone sets their minds on winning. Whether it be just winning the next game or a looking further on to a championship title, it seems to be the main focus of teams across the country. Football teams from youth sports/ HS sports to the National Football League, demonstrate high demands towards winning. At the end...
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Before I started my research, I knew a lot of information about my topic. I also thought that though the Playoff is a better move for college football than the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system because it more accurately ranks teams, it is what the players and media wanted, and it has increased not only attendance but also TV revenue throughout the season. I also knew there were a lot of people that were going, and still have doubts about...
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Money is the root of all evil. While this may seem be an extreme explanation and perhaps a bit of an over exaggeration, in many ways, this verse defines the issues plaguing modern day college athletics. In fact, the prioritization of money in college athletics is not a recent epidemic; its roots have been placed in college sports since its inception. As even during the first ever college athletics event in 1852, a boat race between Harvard and Yale, the...
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On October 13, 2015 a mother is watching her eldest son, Jimmy, play football. She is sitting in the stands with her two other sons, Jake and Jack. Jimmy starts at inside linebacker and makes multiple tackles for the team. After halftime, Jimmy's team is on defense for the start of the second half. The quarterback for the opposing team drops back to pass and then steps up in the pocket and takes off to run. Jimmy is in his...
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