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Common College Football Workouts

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One of the games that attracts global attention is the Super Bowl. Today, every American footballer (not soccer player) wants to play in the tournament as the glitz and glamor associated with it is just heartwarming. Do you wish to make a career of it? If yes, you must know that the game is very masculine and not for lily-livered people. Indeed, you need lots of stamina to withstand the pull, push and tackles associated with the game. So, the best way to get started is to build yourself by building your physique. Have you noticed that almost every player has a physique similar to that of a bouncer at a night club? Well, it is no coincidence! Yes, the reasoning is that they have undergone football workouts just to survive the game. So, if you must be good at the game, you will have to draw up a football workout plan. The good thing is that you have nothing to worry about as we have compiled some of the most common exercises for you. Well, we will primarily show you how to do the drills. Now, let’s get started.

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American Football Exercises

  • Box Squat: Basically, this is one football workout that you will definitely need to improve your body’s ability to perform key moves and quickness. Apart from enhancing those two, it will also improve coordination. To do practice this move, you will need a heavy barbell and a box. Stand erect in front of the box and then lift up the load over your head. Gradually lower the load behind your head until its weight rests on the back of your head. At this point, your elbows will be tucked. The next line of action is to move backwards and squat while you still have the load on the back of your shoulder. Continue to go down until you finally sit down on the box. Return to your original position. Perform 3 reps or about 5 sets.
  • Dumbbell Side Bend: This drill seems pretty easy as it can pass for a college football workout program. Although it seems easy, it doesn’t in any way mean that it is not an effective way of keeping yourself in shape as well as developing it for the tough game. To do it, you will definitely need a dumbbell. When you have one, you will have to stand erect and grab it. Notice that you only need one dumbbell for the exercise. Well, use your right hand to grab it, making sure that you stand erect. Ensure that your palm is facing in. Now, twist your torso to the direction of the load as though the load is about pulling you down. After a while, return to original position. Switch your hands. Do this for 12 reps each side of about 4 sets in all.
  • Sprinter Sit-up: For this particular drill, you don’t necessarily need any equipment to support you as it is straightforward. No doubt, you must include it to your football workout program. To get started, grab a mat and spread it on the floor. Next, lie on your back on the mat. When you are lain down, ensure that your two legs are extended. Twist your left leg so as to make an angle of 90 degrees with your torso. Keep the right leg in the normal position. While you are doing this, keep swinging your left arm to be parallel to the leg you just raised. At this point, it will appear as though you were performing a sit-up. Do this for the opposite side of your torso. Keep in mind that when you are performing this, you will have to do it as if you are sprinting (you are running). Repeat for 3 reps of about 5 sets.
  • Bench Press: You will need a bench and barbell for this drill. Indeed, this is one of the best football workouts. If you want to stand out in that tough game, you must practice this move. To get started, you need to grab the barbell and lift it just above your chest. Caution! You should grasp it firmly so it does not drop on your chest. When you lift it, your arms should be fully extended. Gently lower the load in a way that it is now partly resting on your sternum. At this position, you will notice that your elbows will be tucked to a 45-degree angle to your body. Upon the load making contact with your bod, ensure that your feet are firmly driven to the floor and then return the load to the initial position. Do this for 3 sets of about 5 sets.
  • Neutral-Grip Floor Press: Well, you will need a dumbbell for this exercise. It is one of those football speed workouts that must make your football training workout. Just get a mat and spread it on the floor. When you have done that, you will have to lie down on it. Next line of action is for you to grab two dumbbells and hold them with your hands. Then, rest your triceps on the floor even when you have the loads lifted. At this juncture, your elbow will be resting on the floor as well. And the weight will just be over your body just parallel to it. Drag your two legs backwards as though you want to tuck your knees. Lift the weight in a fully extended way such that your hands suspend them in the air. Return to the original position. Do the rep many times of about 4 sets.


In this guide, we have walked you through some of the best speed workouts for football that will enable aspiring and amateur ballers get ready for this amazing men’s game. So, if you are preparing to stand out in your college team, you can call these drills that we have explained in this piece the best college football workout plan. Apart from amateurs hoping to get their feet in the door, these exercises also help professionals alike to stay on top of their game. The truth of the matter is, if you want to make a successful career from this game, you must be ready to strain your body to the limit! Yes, you should be able to withstand pull, tackles and pushes from other players. Sure, it is a game of brain and brawn, which is something you must always keep in mind. We assure you that you will definitely notice some positive changes if you discipline yourself and undergo these exercises. Admitted, they are pretty arduous, but the gains are just enormous. Lastly, this is the perfect time to draw your routine and start practicing.

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