Value of Education: Opinion Essay

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The time that I found the schooling system to be a “place of sanctuary” in my life would have to be NEVER... The day that I realized that the school system was designed to inculcate the minds of the youth and that the school system's main intention was designed to promote propaganda (a message designed to persuade an audience to think or behave in a certain manner) amongst the minds of the youth at a young age. Which in effect, laid down a lifestyle of principles that was heavily influenced by the school system. This was in fact the day that I realized school necessarily was instead a place of ritualistic initiation imposed upon the youth by the government, rather than the school system is looked upon as a place of sanctuary.

I maintain that the civil authorities are under obligation to compel the people to send their children to school. For example, in factory schools, transition teaching dominates where the teacher is standing at the front of the classroom, and the teacher transmits information to the students within the class. Standardization of teaching, testing, and learning rates, paired with respect for authority rather than the exploration of truth and not to mention the promotion of uniformity and orthodoxy behavior rather than innovation. The progress from an individual standpoint is to name but only a few reasons for my interpretation of what the school system is true. How could one look at the school system with such a keen eye on a positive note when taking into consideration the fact that the school system has in actuality done more harm than good?

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When taking into consideration the fact that even the basis and foundation of the roots and beginnings of the educational system were predicated upon stripping away the individuality of the individual. Also to provide a situation that promotes more of an equality of outcome scenario than equality of opportunity. The different types of events were instead the passing down of traditional morals and specific philosophies on life.

The educational system you could say even plays more of a role in determining the success of a child’s future than the parents. Schools are, in a sense, like factories. Their product is the minds of the youth, ready to be shaped and fashioned to meet the various demands of life. From my own perspective, the purpose of receiving an education is to make a unique individual out of a conformist. It should furnish and enlighten an individual as a whole.

Education should allow one to find values and morals, which would act more like a roadmap to help traverse through this experience we call life. The purpose of education is to provide us as individuals with the tools that help establish the awareness to help determine what is truly important in this life. Anything else that leads an individual to conformity rather than to discover the power and potential stored within each individual could be looked upon as propaganda and or indoctrination. This, I stand against wholeheartedly.

The United States is considered the most powerful country in the world. But when the educational system is compared to other countries, the United States is at the bottom of the totem pole. Over the years the value of education has drastically decreased mainly by the huge uproar of the advance of technology. The advance in technology seems to be crippling the youth of today, all generations actually are being brainwashed and distracted by technology. During my high school years, students pass the class by doing the bare minimum. But it is our psychological imprisonment placed upon ourselves from technology that seems to be the very thing that often gives off the illusion of imprisonment. But again the key to unlocking the shackles which keep one bound to psychological slavery is knowledge. Knowledge, dedication, and discipline over a prolonged period of time are often essential to obtaining the keys to freedom. But few are willing to put in the work that goes into acquiring such knowledge. But to the individual in pursuit of this knowledge, this turns the game in your favor and in the favor of the greater good of all.

Because so many people waste their limited time on this planet so willingly and ignorantly, the path to the top is actually easier to obtain and keep control of. That is because once you understand that indeed it is lonely at the top, you then awaken to the realization that, the rulebook by which you utilize and abide as your guide through life is in fact a rulebook only very few possess.

Now I can admit that one thing the educational system does provide an individual with is perhaps the ticket to true freedom. The end goal of school should be to help equip our youth with the knowledge and ability to move towards a specific life path. Towards a career. But as we can see, if we look at the history of what the school system has managed to do thus far when looking at the layout objectively, it wouldn't be hard to discover that actually, the opposite is in

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