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Peculiarities Of Special Education: Teachers And Pupils

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Special education give learners with identified disabilities specific instruction intended to meet their one of a kind learning needs, giving them the chance to create to their fullest potential (IDEA).

Special education may be best depicted as an intentional mediation planned to overcome or dispose of the impediments that keep children with inabilities from learning. In other words, it is almost giving children with incapacities with individualized plans of instruction to assist them succeed. (Program Guide 2018)

There's no “one estimate fits all” approach to special education. It’s custom-made is to meet each learner’s needs. Special education states to a series of services that can be given in different methods and in several settings (The Understood Team 2018).

SPED Teachers

(Sokanu Journal) a special education teacher is somebody who works with children and adolescents who have an assortment of incapacities. Children with uncommon needs require interesting instruction by extraordinarily prepared experts to assist them accomplish their most elevated potential and endeavor to develop afar of their limits. Their work is basically educating them life abilities and fundamental proficiency. They alter lessons to fit the wants of each learner as portion of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Since they will be mindful for teaching learners with a wide variety of incapacities, creating IEPs is significant for these educators (US Handbook).

SPED educators work with learners who have a wide sort of extra ordinary needs and incapacities. These specially-trained educators make and apply suitable educational module and relegate exercises that are particular to each learner’s capacities and needs. SPED educators also include themselves in each learner’s scholastic, social and developmental advancement (Sokanu Journal).

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Special education teachers can support the learning of students with intellectual disabilities through the application of differentiated instructions (Kluth, 2013). During this

process, special education teachers implement an altered approach for teaching the curriculum (Brownell et al., 2012).When teachers can customize the curriculum to students' needs, interests, and strengths, they can provide a flexible approach to good teaching (Dixon et al., 2013).

Learners with Difficulty in Remembering and Concentrating (DIFREM)

Historically, learners with difficulty in remembering and concentrating was once called as mental retardation, but this termed was not utilized as much any longer for it has negative implications, has gotten to be hostile to numerous individuals and frequently comes about in misconception to those who have it. From mental retardation down to mentally challenged as to intellectual disability which is the world-wide latest terminology. But, as for the Philippine system Difficulty in Remembering and Concentrating (DIFREM) is the latest term used as stated in DepEd memo No. 29 series of 2018.

The finding of learners with DIFREM is categorized by a person, who has a blend of deficits in both intellectual task and in adaptive conduct (Parmenter, 2011). Parmenter renowned that learners with difficulty in remembering and concentrating happens when there are limits to a person’s capacity to pick up information at an anticipated level as well as trouble in the routine of useful everyday tasks. Learners with DIFREM discover it more demanding to absorb and process fresh data and accomplish the difficult tasks mandatory for daily living (Ellis, 2013). It is troublesome for these learners to operate in two or more ranges of versatile aptitudes, such as: (a) communication, (b) socialization, (c) day by day living, or (d) conduct (Luckasson & Schalock, 2013). As stated by Luckasson and Schalock, learners with DIFREM, have cognitive working restrictions that sincerely impact their: (a) attention, (b) memory, and (c) their capacity to think dynamically and make simplifications from one setting to another. Learners with these impediments obtain information more gradually than others, and it is trouble for them to perform tasks, which may involve the application of instructional tools to encourage learning (Luckasson & Schalock,). Learners with DIFREM present a distinct scholastic challenge and need for help to attain their educational needs (Luckasson & Schalock, 2013).

Allor, Mathes, Jones, Champlin, and Cheatham (2010) informed that learners with DIFREM discover it hard to: (a) listen, (b) reason, (c) memorize, (d) go to errands, (e) focus on important stimuli, and (f) prepare visual and/or sound-related data.

Based on the assessment of related literature, it has been discovered that there is a lot of resources linked to the two concepts. Hence, this study is intended to focus on the lived experiences whether it’s positive or negative experiences of SPED teachers teaching learners with difficulty in remembering and concentrating.

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