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Olympic Games Essays

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Dissociative Olympics: Swimming with Disorder (‘The Swimmer’ by John Cheever)

‘The Swimmer’, a short story written by American author John Cheever in 1964, is centered on the journey of a middle-aged man, Neddy Merrill, as he attempts to swim across country in various swimming pools he finds along the way. It emerges from a world in which Merill is an affluent member of society, simply reveling in life’s greatest pleasures with friends. However, as the story progresses, it evokes a landscape of instability and denial in which Merrill knows no...
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Legacy of Olympic Games for Future Generations

The Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world, with an average of 3.64 billion people watching globally (Statista 2020). The Olympic vision is to build a better world through sport and they to do this through three main values rooted in the philosophy of Pierre de Coubertin: Striving for excellence, Demonstrating respect and Celebrating friendship ( 2021). Three missions ensure they are working towards their vision, are: ensuring each game is unique and celebrated, the athletes are the...
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The Economics Of The Olympic Games

INTRODUCTION When a country decides to bid to host an Olympic Games, there are many factors the organizing committee must keep in mind. Such as: economic conditions, political climate, financial power, the potential return on investment once the games finish and many more. As the days come closer, we are about 9 months away from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, one of the world’s biggest sporting events. With the organizing committee investing nearly US$ 6 billion in operating expenses (Wharton,...
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Risk Management And The Olympic Games

Executive Summary After the first modern Olympic game held in Atlanta in 1966 with poor experience and many difficulties, risk management process in Olympic Games become an important norm. This report expects to deliver independent opinion on the Risk factors will be involved with the proposed Olympic game in 2012 at Britain with considering the internal and external environment of the Olympic Games. There are several sub contents have been reviewed with respective to the past experience involved during the...
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Olympic Games Vancouver: The Effects On Economics And Infrastructure

Introduction During the recent decades, it became usual to see how countries and/or cities battle internationally for the right to host a major sport event – FIFA Soccer Games, The Olympic Games, Rugby Cup and so on. It is noticed that the hosting country is seeking to showcase itself to the world and, at the same time, to benefit from economic and social aspects. The financial figures involved in such events are huge. According to KPMG Report (2016), ‘The Business...
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Leveling The Playing Field: Is It Obtainable Within The Olympic Games?

Sport has been formally organized and segregated mainly into two different binary sex categories that are acknowledged by sport governing bodies. The structure and culture of sporting institutions often reproduce hegemonic masculinity, racism, and gender inequalities (Cooky & Dworkin, 2013). Sex becomes a binary meaning; there are only two sexes, male and female (Cooky & Dworkin, 2013). With that being said, there has been no recognized place within competitive sports for athletes who exist outside of the dichotomous sex categories...
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What Impact Did The 1976 Summer Olympics Have On Montreal, Canada’s Economy?

The Ancient Olympics were a series of events which included sports such as footraces, a javelin contest, and wrestling matches. The competitors represented city-states in ancient Greece. After Rome took control of Greece in 85 BCE, the games were stopped due to their pagan origins. They were later restarted in Greece in 1894 CE. These modern Olympics involved more modern sports like track & field, swimming, and gymnastics. The competitors represented different countries and have occurred almost every four years...
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The Phenomenon Of Voluntary Activity In The Modern Olympic Games

We will consider the development of the concept of Olympic volunteer from the first Games of the modern era up to the present day. It will show that, although the concept of the volunteer began to be more clearly defined in the eighties and nineties, in practice it can be traced back to the very first Olympic Games of the Modern Era founded by Pierre de Coubertin. Our work comprised systematic analysis of the Official Reports of each Olympic Games,...
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The Peculiarities Of Olympic Games In Rio De Janeiro

Introduction Even though the era of athletics has been left in the past, events such as the Olympic games and sports championships tend to bring up the spirit and become world’s main spotlights. These mega projects are short-term events with fixed-term duration, that usually lead to a long-term social, economic and urban change in the countries which are hosting them . Nowadays, the hosting country seems to become a marketing product, trying to attract but at the same time maintain...
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The Olympic Games And FIFA World Cup

The Olympics, also called Olympic Games are international events that happen every four years in which hundreds of countries are involved in the different sporting competitions. According to Kubo (2014 V.75) the Olympic Games are governed by the International Organizing Committee (IOC) which is the authoritative, non-governmental organization that oversees the Olympic Games, Olympism and the Olympic Movement. The Olympic Games include; Winter Olympic Games that cover snow and ice sports, games for disabled athletes known as Paralympic Games, Youth...
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Are The Olympic Games Beneficial Or Problematic For Labour In Host Communities?

The Olympics are leading global events that involve summer and winter games, where many athletes and spectators from all over the world take part in various competitions in a bid to attain the glory of taking home a medal. They are highly anticipated events that attract a lot of media and expert scrutiny who analyze them as they take place. According to Peres (2016), the first Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Greece in Athens. Over time, these games...
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