The Invention Of Basketball (Then And Now)

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Canadians have created a lot of sports that you should be grateful for such as 5 pin bowling, lacrosse, hockey and one of the most famous Basketball.

How it all started

In 1891 Dr.James Naismith a former Mcgill University phys ed teacher took a teaching job at the YMCA international Training School in Springfield, Mass.He was challenged to create new indoor activities for his gym class during the harsh furious winter.After attempts of keeping his students occupied with outdoor sports except played them inside with some different rules. Then Naismith came up with a new idea. He nailed two peach baskets and gave his class an old soccer ball.

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“I told them the idea was to throw the ball into the opposing teams peach basket.I blew the whistle and the first game of basketball began,”Naismith explained during a radio interview in 1939. The Canadian admitted that the first attempt did not go so well. But things improved when he made the first 13 original rules of the game.One of those rules were no tackling your opponent to get the ball.

Popularity is found

The game became fairly popular as time progressed,First in america then in other parts of the world.After basketball became established in American colleges,the professional game was made.The National Basketball Association (NBA),made in 1946,grew to a multibillion -dollar enterprise by the end of the century,Now basketball is part of Canadian and American culture.

The Leagues Are Made

At first Basketball was a sport that was known through Canada and Usa.Later on a lot of other countries caught their eye on the game and started playing,and then came the NBA.Overtime basketball has become famous throughout a lot of different countries.Out of all of these leagues, the NBA and WNBA are the two most famous league mostly the NBA..At the moment the NBA owns the WNBA.There are over 100 leagues in the world.As most of these leagues are fun to watch but they all have their own skill levels so no adult can play in a college league

Olympics and Nba

A lot of Nba Players decide not represent their countries in tournaments but when the olympics come they do participate for some reason.NBA players were not allowed to participate in the Olympics until 1992 that was the year America made the dream team as their were many Nba future hall of famers.Usa currently holds the record for most gold medals in male basketball with 15.Canada has won one medal a silver one in 1936. The United States of America has 131 wins from 1992 till 2019 and 9 loses which is the best record in the world,this is for male players.Female players are also allowed to participate in the Olympics as they have a good record as well

The Nba is a professional men league.The leagues was made on June 6, 1946 right now the NBA has 30 teams 29 in the US and 1 in Canada .The Nba is one of the worlds most well known league. The team that wins the playoffs at the end of the year gets the championship trophy. As well as that the NBA also has awards for their players like for example the MVP.The Wnba have all of these things as well.

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