Synthesis Essay on Teens Sexting

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Sexting in this day and age is communion in teens because we don’t get taught how bad sexing s what it is and the effects that it could have on you and others around you the law on sexting is you cannot do it under 18 if you do it, class, as making child porn also if your over 18 and send a dirty text or a nude picture it could come under harassment and you could be charged for sexual harassment everyone who is caught doing it underage will also be charged as an adult. Sharing dirty text or a nude is ages the law even if you are of age it comes down to privacy laws. If caught these are some of the consequences you could be found 1k to 10k for your first offence and even 25 years in jail no matter what your age is

What is sexting? Sexting could be anything from inappropriate emojis to a text hinting at sexual activities even under where pictures are sexting.

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What are some ways to stop someone from sexting you? There are many different ways you could report it to the app you are using or you could go to your parents or police also there are more ways such as you could steer the chat in a less sexy way offer a simple blunt refuse or make a Make an alternate suggestion

What to do if you have been sent a sext. You should tell them you are not interested and make sure you dealt with the sext because having it and if you are under 18 it is making child porn when you ask them to stop and it keeps happing it is time to report it to someone who can help

How common is sexting with teens? Studies say at least 24% of high school kids have sent a nude and 69% of that has been to a partner but 40% often suggest something sexual over text that is boys and girls between the age of 13-17

Why is sexting so common? In 2019 we still have next to nothing education on sexting and kids these days are getting phones at the age of 4 and no one is ever told things about sexting such as what is it and how can it impact you which makes it easy for someone to make a mistake and ruin our life with something they don’t think is wrong

What would I do to help stop sexting? I would teach kids about sexting from a young age so they know the impacts of sexting and how much common people are out there for nudes and show them ways to shut them down so they can say claim and just get rid of it and report what was sent to them teens don’t understand sexting because it’s no taught in school and a lot of parents don’t even know.

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