Lexical Meaning Of The Lying Notion

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Lying can be a noun and an adjective. As a noun lying is defined as the telling of lies, or false statements, untruthfulness. When lying is an adjective it is the telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false (Lying). Words that relate to this would be misleading, two faced, unreliable, fibbing, and mendacious. There are also multiple kinds of lying, perjury, minimization, exaggeration, white lies, fabrication, denial, omission, and restructuring. Every one of us lies every few minutes, lying has reached a point of threatening the foundations of society (¨Different Types of Lies¨).

If someone tells you something that is not the truth, it is lie of commission. You’re twisting the truth to create a favorable version of something. Another lie is one where you leave out a part of information, lie of omission (¨Different Types of Lies¨). In this lie someone omits, or leaves out, important information from a statement. These take little effort from the person who is lying, and can be hard to spot. Sometimes people will tell you a lie to cover up a lie. This is called a character lie. These lies are meant to make you believe the liar and whatever they are saying (¨Different Types of Lies¨).

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The word lie to me means withholding information that keeps you from a truth (¨Lie¨ The Word Detective). Lying reminds me of a fox, it is very noticeable once you find it but will stay hidden and get past you quickly if you aren't looking for it. Foxes can be brightly colored, but they are also small, fast, and good at hiding. Lies can be obvious once you spot it, like seeing a bright red fox before it runs off, but until you do it will stay hidden. Lying also is like the color purple, it comes in many different shades, but they are all still purple. Pastel or light purples can be calming, or vibrant and bright purples can be noticeable and obvious. Lies come in many shades as well, there are big lies and small lies, but all are still lying. Lying can have a good effect like hiding your friends surprise party. Lying can also have a vibrant effect, noticeable and loud which usually ends up getting found out, an obvious example of this would be lying on a polygraph test. Some shades of purple can also be mistaken for a different color, some purples look like blue or even pink. Lies can also be mistaken. Lies could be taken as a truth or leaving out part of a story can be taken as a whole truth when neither of them are.

Lying plays a part in everyone's lives. In a personal experience, family members have lied to each other. Some of these instances have ended in a surprise party, which is usually pleasant, but some have ended in family members being taken out of school due to over exaggerating thing or saying untruthful comments that end up with them getting into trouble. Lying can have a life changing effect on some people. Relationships end, whether it be a marriage or friendship they can end poorly from withholding the truth or telling untruthful comments.

Lying has a place in everyone's lives whether it be good or bad. Lying also becomes a different part of speech depending on how you use it, there are also different types of lies that are used frequently. It can be related to an obvious but sly fox or a shade of purple, as it can be mistaken for a truth, hide well, or be something you see immediately. It has been something used for many years and it will continue to be used weather to better people's lives or to worsen them.


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