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Can Lying Be Justified As A Protection?

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Many people feel Have you ever felt misunderstood?or wonder A about why people in this world lie so much to each other, whether it be like it could be a friend, family member, or even a your spouse. Sometimes lying could be a good thing to do because it could be to protect someone from getting hurt if they are told the truth. There are many different kinds of lies that could be told to people. Some are white lies, which assume that the truth will cause more damage than a simple harmless untruth, and another one is omission, which it involves telling most of the truth minus one or two key facts whose absence changes the story completely. In the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, the author suggests that the truth is not always always kind but in this occasion it is and lies are necessary in certain moments. Ed Boone’s decision to lie to his son about his mother’s true whereabouts was justified because he did it for a good thing so Christopher won’t find out that his mom left him because of his sickness and she was embarrassed of him. Mark Haddon’s message in his mystery novel seems to suggest that lying can be necessary at times because knowing the truth can hurt more than life.

Throughout the novel, many lies occurred. There are many lies in this world like some examples that we have already said like white lie, omission, and some new ones are out and out lies, deflecting and many more. In the novel where there’s an example of a lie being told by Ed Boone which is the father of Christopher which he told his son Christopher about his wife’s death because he did that to protect him and because he found it easier to get over Mrs. Boone after she left him because of the autism Christopher had. Mr Ed Boone also told his son Christoher to stop investigating about the death of Mrs Wellington’s dog because he was the one who killed the dog but Christopher didn’t know that exactly. Later on, on the book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”Also some previous example of lying were set to be know as “white” lies, what Ed Boone told his son Christopher was exactly a white lie it was something more serious than that. Ed Boone thought that telling Christopher this things about his mother that she had died then that she had to go to the hospital because she needed time for herself, instead of telling his son Christopher that she left them because she had an affair and is leaving us. Ed Boone could have possible felt in that moment on telling his son the lie a moment of worthless, betrayal, loneliness, lost and have lots of hate. That was towards his wife for what she has done and what he felt was the need for more love towards his son and feel to be Christopher’s protector. Ed Boone lied to his son because of the love he felt towards him.

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When you lie to someone or about something you know exactly that the truth will come out eventually and it might get even worse if the person doesn’t like being lied to or if it was something really bad but at the moment you make the decision to lie and not go with the truth. In the time you make a decision for both in keeping the truth away and that will make you selfish in deciding which is the best thing to do if telling them the truth or keep going on with the lie. That was the case of Mr Ed Boone, where he decided that his Christopher wouldn’t be able to take the truth of his mom leaving them and is not strong enough for it. That’s when Ed Boone decided he was gonna lie to his son to protect him because he loves him. Also Ed Boone didn’t want to hurt Christopher so that’s why he lied but didn’t lie to get away from things like what other people do. Ed Boone made the decision to lie like any father or mother would go to protect their kids from them getting hurt when knowing the truth, it was a good thing Ed Boone lied to Christopher because he could get a worse reaction because of his Autism,and wouldn’t be able to take it like other people will. Even if that differs Christopher what the truth was would still be devastating to someone in the young age.

Ed Boone was left alone with his 15 year old kid and now was the only guardian of Christopher he was really hard broken about that his wife left him with their adorable son. This book is mainly about the feeling about Christopher but also about Mr Ed Boone because his wife left him for another guy and because he was embarrassed of their son Christopher. Saying all that Mark Haddon used words in this book that have a deep meaning and could see emotions on people and on the character of the book. One of these examples was “No it’s an Ordinary hospital, she has a problem with her heart” (Haddon 23).What happened here was that Haddon actually initialed was the Ed Boone was heartbroken and Christopher’s mom was a really selfish person and that had no heart because she left him and their son Chistopher and messed up the whole family love. In this book it was acceptable that Ed Boone lied to Christopher because all the things he did was to protect him from the bad side of knowing his mother had left him for some other guy.

One part that I didn’t like that they lied was from the episode that we watched from the show called “Taken at Birth” . The doctor named Thomas Hicks lied to the parents that there kids died when they were born be he was actually selling them to other people for $1,000. There still a lot of people that still haven’t met there parents because of this doctor that would sell them .

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