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Robbery Essays

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Street Robbery Victimization Trend: Case Study of Bole Sub-city, Addis Ababa

1. Statement of the problem Crime is a societal problem because it involves society as a system of groups and institutions. Crime generates substantial costs to society at individual, community, and national levels. In the Addis Ababa Bole sub-city, more than 778 street robbers were committed in 2010, resulting in approximately 10 million in economic losses to the victims and 150 million in government expenditures on police protection, judicial and legal activities, and corrections (bole sub-city crime report 2010). Root...
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Case Study of Malik Taylor Who Was Tried and Convicted of First-degree Robbery

Nature and Stage of the Proceedings Malik Taylor was tried and convicted of first-degree robbery in the Delaware Superior Court. The defense filed a motion for judgment of acquittal at the close of all evidence; the motion was denied. The defense now appeals arguing (1) that the trial court erred in denying the motion for judgment of acquittal, as there was insufficient evidence to link the defendant to the robbery, and (2) that the trial court erred in denying the...
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Critical Analysis of the Risks of Robbery

Situational or Case Facts Critical Analysis Almost the whole town had gone to spectate the game – a once-a-year “grudge match” in which the best young footballers in Melville were pitched against their adversaries in neighboring Santa Georgia. Santa Georgia almost always wins. Comprehensive risk analysis may have identified this situation, a known event and foreseeable, as one that may increase exposure to the risk of robbery. The situation, in which the bulk of law enforcement in Melville is likely...
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Robbery Crimes of Juveniles as a Social Problem

The definition of juvenile crime under the Queensland Government state law is “In Queensland, a juvenile is defined as a person aged between 10 and 16 years, inclusive. In all jurisdictions, the minimum age of criminal responsibility is 10 years. That is, children under 10 years of age cannot be held legally responsible for their actions”. This means that the government deems any child under the age of 10 years would not properly have the cognitive abilities to understand the...
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Critical Evaluation of the Arguments Regarding Level of Force and Fair Labelling Associated with Offence of Robbery

In the present society, robbery is evident as a broad crime and unusual offence that combines different wrongs, such as offences in against a person and against the property. It is broad due to the non-distinguishing of distinct levels of force which is applied against a person. This reveals that there is no differentiation in the commitment of offence has been provided for different acts. The current definition in regard to robbery conflicts is found not aligned with the fair...
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Armed Robbery in Victoria

In this essay, I am going to analyze armed robbery as a type of criminal act in the state of Victoria, Australia. Definition of Armed Robbery in the State of Victoria Under the Crimes Act 1958 Section 75A, armed robbery is defined as an offender committing robbery and being armed at that time with a firearm, imitation firearm, offensive weapon, explosive or imitation explosive. There are currently three main typologies of armed robbery offenders. These are amateurs, intermediates and professional...
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Analytical Essay on Money Insurance: Study of Armed or Unarmed Robbery with Visible Evidence

Risks and insurance Abstract This paper will discuss what money insurance is about and the benefits provided from being insured. In this regard, this paper will study on the crimes committed while money is in transit and in premises. The act of forcible and violent entry upon premises due to armed or unarmed robbery with visible evidence will ensure that the insured is compensated. The increasing crime rate in Malaysia will also be studied from the view of unemployment rate....
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