An Examination Of The Life Of A Serial Killer

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Serial killers have gripped media and Hollywood for decades, becoming a subject of choice for many movies, tv shows, and documentaries. Infamous serial murderers and rapists such as Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Charles Manson, Eileen Wuornos and many more have sparked the interest of many, and their crimes are so shocking evil that it defies society's core values, destroying the social contract.

Their ruthless nature leaves many curious about their stories, their origins, and their motives. It is hard for people to comprehend what creates and manifests a being that is so sinister, and in turn makes them question the making of true evil. Serial killers are individuals suffering with exacerbated psychological disorders, abuse, and perceived injustice, which they combat through the violence of unimaginable extremes. They feel powerless and victimization gives them the power that they have long been craving, leading to an insatiable thirst to never feel powerless again and allowing them to

They tend to lack a moral compass including diminished empathy, which desensitizes them and allows them to commit atrocities towards their victims. A murderer is classified as a serial killer when they have three or more victims, usually strangers, and have a “cooling off” period of about 30 days between the killings, and most crave resistance form their victims as it allows them to feel the euphoria that comes from the act itself (Simon, 2015).

Male serial killers tend to differ from their female counterparts. Men are predisposed to criminal behavior at a higher rate compared to women. Men were found to be more likely to engage in mutilation and necrophilia after murders and tend to be sexually charged in their crimes (Simon 2015). They tend to have unaddressed issues with aggression and fall into the traps of violent behavior easier due to the lack of mental health resources available and used by them.

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This aggression manifests itself in the barbaric and ritualistic manner in these murders. While male serial killers are more prominent and are most recognized, their female counterparts can be equally if not more dangerous. It is hard for society to view women in the sadistic role of a coldblooded killer that is almost addicted to feeling the power of taking lives. Research shows that women make up 16% of all serial killers and the disbelief in women’s capability for these sorts of murders leads to cold cases, going undetected longer, and even being acquitted of the crimes (Harrison et.

Female serial killers, while equally cold blooded, tend to have very focused mindset and only engage in murder instead of mutilation. It could be argued that due to their tendency to be less aggressive than men they are able to be less barbaric in their crimes. Being psychically weaker they are more likely to incapacitate their victims by drugging them or choosing weaker victims such as children and the elderly. Female serial killers are also more likely to be caretake due to this very reason (Harrison et.

They tend to get away without being noticed for a while because they keep their crimes well hidden by not mentioning their wrongdoings as a means of reliving the

To better understand these individuals, it is important to pay attention to their childhoods as the ideas of morality are deeply rooted in childhood experiences. Both male and female serial killers were reported to have suffered either physical, psychological, or sexual abuse as children, and tend to come from families that suffer with substance abuse.

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