Serial Killer: Persuasive Speech

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What Makes A Serial Killer? A serial killer is a person that commits murders in succession from one another. Serial killers have been around for many years, and to this day many still ravage the world. The FBI defines a serial killer as a person that commits three or more murders within a short period of time, within months. Serial killers usually exhibit psychopathic traits, which can be indicative of brain abnormalities. In a Wisconsin study, it shows a direct correlation between people with criminal psychopathy and brain abnormalities.

Experts on Serial Killers Dr. John Mayer is a clinical phycologist that has evaluated many different serial killers and has consulted many cases to try and figure out the phycological makeup of serial killers and their traits. Scott Bonn is a doctor specializing in the motivation and behavior of criminals. He has written some of the bestselling books about public fascination with serial killers. Dr. Steve Van Aperen is a retired police officer and is now a detective that specializes in behavior analysis. He now consults police departments, intelligence agencies, and government services to help with criminal investigations. As Dr. John Mayer said, children in their developmental stages that get treated badly by their parents are likely to succumb to physiological damage. He also states that poor peer relationships can also be a major factor in the making of a serial killer. He has led many different investigations of criminal homicides, making him a credible source.

Dr. Scott Bonn has talked a lot about and helped with many serial killer investigations. He has stated that there must be at least 3 murdered victims for it to be a serial killer. The final doctor is Steve Van Aperen, which also helps with many criminal investigations. Because he specializes in the behavior of criminals, he can tell the state of the person from a physiological standpoint. Knowing how the criminals act is a good way of understanding the make-up of these killers. Some of the Most Famous Killers Born in 1431, Vlad Dracula was a serial killer back in the pre-1800s era. Growing up in Transylvania, where his father was the ruler, he and his brother were captured by the Ottomans and were held there until the rest of their family died. He ended up being responsible for the death of approximately 80,000 people and used a signature style of killing by impaling the victims. Because of him being so infamous, many people in the film industry used Dracula's story in many famous movies and plays. He also remains to this day, one of the deadliest serial killers that have ever lived.

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Jack the Ripper was one of the most famous killers, mainly because he wasn’t and still hasn’t been identified and secured. Because Jack the Ripper was never found, there is no information on when he was born or how he grew up. The nickname was given to this killer because of the way he killed his victims, normally slitting their throats in alleyways as they walked by. There were five known deaths related to the killer, all of which were female prostitutes. There have been many people that were suspected of being the real killer, though nobody has ever confirmed whether it was or not. Born on November 12, 1934, Charles Manson is a pretty well-known serial killer. Manson himself may not have committed very many murders though there were many indirect deaths caused by him. Manson had a rough childhood, like many other serial killers, and committed. his first ever crime at the young age of 12. Though Manson was trying very hard to follow a music career, his diagnosed schizophrenia would end up preventing him from completing it. After getting out of prison he later formed a cult of people with Manson being the main leader. After many attempts at his music career and failing, it threw him over the edge and his followers started to kill celebrities.

Mikhail Popkov was born on September 25, 1985, in Moscow, Russia. He was a Russian serial killer and Rapist in the early 2000s. He started off his career as a security guard, which later helped him cover up his tracks with the murders. There was a nickname given to him called werewolf, because of his brutal way of killing his victims. He sexually assaulted and killed over 77 women that were between the ages of 16 and 40 years old. He did these murders and rapes within 18 years before he was captured by the police. Mikhail was one of Russia's most prolific killers in the 1900s and 2000’s.

Is Macbeth a Serial killer? Within the story of Macbeth, Macbeth shows a few different factors that could classify him as a serial killer. Because there are also some that could show that he isn’t a serial killer, it’s sometimes hard to classify someone as one or not. The first reason he may be classified as a serial killer is because he killed his victims within 3 months of each other. Another thing that could show that he is a serial killer is the fact that he has killed more than 3 people. Though it could be argued that he killed the people because he never really killed the victims directly. Rather he had another person kill the victims rather than Macbeth himself killing them. Because of the reasons stated, Macbeth is not a serial killer. One of the main reasons he isn’t classified as a serial killer is because he doesn’t show many if any signs of physiological abnormalities. Since most serial killers show those physiological signs and Macbeth does not, this would help to know if he's classified as one or not. The second major reason he can be considered a serial killer is because he didn’t directly kill the people by himself. An example of this would be Lady Macbeth, which killed Duncan. Finally, to be classified as a serial killer, you must have no motives why your killing the people you are. Macbeth is killed with the motive to become the king.

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