The Reasons Immigrants Choose America To Move

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America is traditionally a country of immigrants of many parts of the world. Each year millions of people from different places around the world come to this country. But why do people immigrate to America? People have moved here looking for new and better opportunities and also to achieve the “American dream”.

Immigrants come to america because of crime, violence and insecurity, a brighter future , and a lack of resources.

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First of all, immigrants come to America because of crime, violence and insecurity. For example El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Three countries located in North America, considered the most violent countries in the world. “The difficult realities of thousands of migrants fleeing violence and misery in the so-called Northern Triangle, the Central American countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras plagued by corruption, gang crime and impunity” The Guardian.

The reality of people in these countries are miserable, people can not leave in peace. For example, El Salvador is tormented by an unappeasable force of gang warfare. Extraordinarily extreme and constant brutality between rival street gangs against one another and in resistance to the police. People from there do not feel secure walking in the streets at night and even at daylight, it is completely understandable that families decide to immigrate to a new and different country and try to find a better place to live even know that place is not their country of origin. People come to America to live in peace without thinking that someday they will die, it is not easy at all because migrating to another country is hard. Just imagine that many families leave everything they have and in some kind of way running away from his own country having the fear that they will not come back.

Secondly, immigrants come to America because of a brighter future. Every person in the world dreams to achieve some goals in life but what happen when those goals can not be achieve?. People from all over the world come to America to study and get a degree because is well known that studying in a different country is considered a good decision and a big goal a person can make and achieve during life. It is also not easy because the necessity to move, leave the country, family and also learn a new language is scary.

Another example is that people come to America to work and guarantee a brighter future for their family. In some families not all the members of the family come to America, is just the father who decides to go, it is a hard decision but sometimes you need to decide what is better, when the father is completely settled now all the family can move too.

In their book “Migration and culture,” Gang Ira and Gil Epstein asserts, “Existing empirical evidence on the labor market performance of immigrants shows that migrant workers suffer from an initial disadvantage compare to observationally equivalent native workers, but that their wages subsequently tend to rise faster.”(178)

It is hard when people just arrive, they need to start looking for a job sometimes even know that because they are immigrants they get paid less than white people, but that is not an inconvenience because they keep working and with the time start to achieving their goals and also helping the American economy. In their book “Migration and culture,” Gang Ira and Gil Epstein asserts, “Those who succeed enjoy a higher level of productivity and therefore good wages in the future” (170) Some people say that immigration takes jobs but it is also well known that creates jobs too. For instance and example of that, a man or a woman comes to America from Italy or Japan , this man or woman opens an small italian or japanese restaurant, these restaurants will prosper during the years. Years later this man or woman owns three or more restaurants and employs 20 americans helping the american economy and helping those immigrants who left their country to find the future they always have dreamed.

Thirdly, Immigrants come to America because of lack of resources. It is a frequently reason for why people immigrate. For example Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, many people from there joined caravans risking their lives and also being deported just to cross the border and find a better quality of life and good opportunities. People in poorest countries die because they do not have resources, they do not have what to eat, there are no jobs, they do not have nothing more than a dream. Generally, it is deduce that people move from poor zones to richer zones where wages are higher and jobs are available and also from rural zones to more competitive zones in order to find more opportunities such as education and health care, those opportunities that they couldn't find at home and makes them immigrate to America.


Immigration is what makes America extraordinary and special, this country is a mix of many cultures, traditions from different places and people who share and have one dream which is the “American dream”.

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