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The Challenges Immigrants Face

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“Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history” — Oscar Handlin. The story “The Circuit” talks about how immigrants struggle. Also, many immigrants have living conditions they face. They also have working conditions they face.

To begin, there are many immigrants that struggle and struggle. In the book, The Circuit Panchito’s family struggle and face challenges. One of the challenges they face is having to move and find a new job also having to sleep in a garage. On page, two Panchitos’ mom reacted “Gasping and pointing to an old garage near the stables” (Jimènez 2). This means that the mom was happy because they had somewhere they could stay. In the web article “States Struggle to Provide Housing for Migrant Farmworkers.”

States that some immigrants sleep at labor camps. These labor camps are either ran by farmers or the migrants’ employer. Many of these camps are unlicensed. Even though they are unlicensed immigrants can still live there. Also, in the article Wiltz explains how these migrant homes aren’t sanitary. It has been a problem for many decades. But some people focused to the situation. In the article, it states that “ many inspectors found mold, sewage, pest infestation, and faulty electrical wiring.”

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This means that many of the houses of the immigrants are in bad condition. This then increases health problems for immigrants. It can cause heart strokes or give them diseases. From research there is also not enough water or insufficient heat. Without water migrants can’t clean their clothes or food. This causes them to get sick; then some migrants can’t go to the doctors because they don’t have enough money to pay them. There may be other housing for immigrants for example: rental housing. They can be found on rural areas. There is more space there. Also there in shape; but the problem is that they have to pay the rent. Let’s say they only earn a little they won’t be able to pay for it. But when they are with farmers and they don’t have to pay the rent this would be an advantage. The only problem is that they are sometimes not sanitary. The second challenge is living in the boss house. Immigrants must be careful with what they say or do. They can’t speak up. If they ever speak up they would be risking there selves to losing your job or end up not having anywhere to be sleeping in or at. If they live in an employers house it has to be licensed in order to live there. Sometimes it’s dirty or it’s not in great condition but your still allowed to live there. The payment with bosses is not a problem for migrants. The farmers or bosses of them don’t make them pay for there housing. It’s not a problem now but can be in the future. Many immigrants are scared to speak up. They don’t complain about how there bosses treat them or how in bad condition there homes are. They just live like that. They never say anything. It’s not right that there bosses can treat them like animals or treat them poorly. They should have the right to speak up for themselves. But they can’t because they don’t speak very good English. They struggle to speak because they can’t speak the language there bosses speak.

To continue, many immigrants have some working conditions they face. A challenge they face is the heat. In the article “For many immigrants from Mexico, farm work is still the way to the California dream.” It states “ I was completely soaked in sweat and my mouth felt as if I had been chewing on a handkerchief” (Jiménez 3). This explains that it is very hot outside and he was sweating so much. Farm work is something they have to do just to earn money for the week. It’s harm because they have to keep working and they barely have breaks. Many people that do this work is immigrants. Since they don’t require documents for this work. Many other people either clean houses if they don’t do this job. The job is technically there life. If they lose it they lose everything. They lose there home and they lose money to buy things to eat. Many people who work in farm labor don’t speak English. They either speak Spanish or there other language. In the article it states that Carabez works as a vegetable packer. She works 10-12 hrs each day. She works for 6-days a week. She only gets one day off. She technically works half her day off. But she never gives up. Many immigrants find other jobs to do when they don’t work some days for labor. Many people also sell fresh products. It takes a lot of energy for people to walk lots and sell the products. It’s really hot and also they get dehydrated fast. They have to drink lots of water just to make bank. Also some people have children they have to look after. Many people also have older children that work with them in labor. People come here to find jobs and get better education for there kids. But there are consequences to come here. They have to have the money to pay the coyote. This takes up to 5 to 7 thousand dollars. Also the average crop workers only earn 15 thousand dollars a year. That’s not much.

Another challenge they face is how they have to find new jobs on there off time. In the article it says “ The sun kept beating down. The buzzing insects, the wet sweat, and hot dry dust made the afternoon seem to last forever” (Jimènez 3). When they are on there off-time immigrants prune and harvest. This makes there days longer and more exhausting. People also get home to take care of the kids. The kids probably get exhausted too because they have to help. Also they may work on weekends. The women suffers a lot because she has work work to earn her money then she gets home to cook and clean for the kids. Immigrants also volunteer at other places. They try too earn bank twice a month. But many immigrants are treated poorly even if they do hard work. Some farm owners treat them like animals. They are like animals to them. Immigrants aren’t like people to them. They should be treated good. They work hard. They have to leave there home country to come and find a job. Also if I weren’t for the migrants many farmers wouldn’t have the business they have now.

It talks about what living conditions migrants face. It also talks about the migrants working conditions. There are many challenges that immigrants face. Immigrants have been here longer then we know they are history.

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