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Why Americans Are Against DACA

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“We should welcome immigrants, and we should especially open our arms to the children who have grown up here, they are Americans in every sense of the word” (Stein, 2017). Recently American’s have had many different reviews on immigrants since the November elections in 2016, when our president Donald Trump was elected. Our president has put a huge spotlight on immigration, but the role that immigrants play in our country has changed dramatically over the years. The controversy of having immigrants in America has been a debate for many years, some are trying to stop it while other are supporting it. The real question is why not? What is stopping those who don’t support immigrants to help them? Immigrants, especially the youth, play a major role in our country, but people choose to be against DACA which tries them to help get the better lives that American’s have by providing them with higher education, ability to get jobs and not fearing deportation. Immigration and programs such as DACA is an on-going problem that we have not been to solve because it has been approached from a negative point of view. The way to solve this problem will involve what are the negative point of views American’s have and the reasons behind it, changes that will have American’s care from immigrant and support it and the role immigrants play in our country and why they are important.

(Li, 2017) The situation with DACA today is that it is a crisis, the situation with DACA today is a crisis. Recipient who wish to renew their status might now be able to or it may be very difficult close to impossible. Some have had their DACA statue lost/taken away. Also, these recipients have been left with mental and professional stress due to the need for authorization to work to pursue careers. Because of this life for DACA recipients will always include them living in fear because there is no guarantee especially under Trump’s administration unless this program is made constitutional. (Kendall, 2017) American’s see people coming into their country and taking things from them. For instance, research has shown that DACA recipients, especially those who are skilled, pinch in to the economy, broaden the activity in economy and increase employment. (Abramson, 2017) It denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same jobs to go to illegal aliens, is what American’s see it as. Although they may see it as a negative the truth is having them here helps us, helps our country’s economy. (Kendall, 2017) There is a fundamental misconception that by kicking people out, you are going to create more jobs. You’re not. By kicking people out you’re going to make the economy smaller. (Horn, 2017) American’s should want to help to keep DACA. American’s don’t see the major part that immigrants play in our country, they only see the negative. Undocumented people help our economy, simply just want to pursue a better life, and is something American’s should be proud of. While the DACA recipients are working to receive a higher- education they are later able to join the workforce and it leads to them contributing to our economy whether it is paying taxes, making more money or becoming entrepreneurs. Also, during the application process of becoming a DACA recipients the applicants must meet specific guidelines and go through background checks to see if they are suitable to have temporary citizenship. If an immigrant is in our country under the DACA program, they have the best intention to be able to live a better life here. They are something American’s should be proud of because Dreamers are brave and bold. They risk everything including leaving their families or deportation to be able to live a better life. With these reasons DACA needs to be seen in other perspectives by those who are against it and open their eyes and see the bigger picture.

(Kendall, 2017) Immigrants have a significance and play a huge part in our country and the united states needs immigrants. The united states need immigration for many reasons. undocumented workers made up a huge part of our country’s population and if we don’t have undocumented people that population will decrease. Undocumented people help our country’s economy, labor force and to help people who are retiring. All of that would go down-hill if there isn’t any help from undocumented people, so we need to fix the system and begin to create a path for citizenship. (Li, 2017) Trumps’ Administration’s repeal of DACA is deceptive. DACA was created to lower the risk of deportation for the recipients. Today our country has been the home and helped around 11 million immigrants. This repeal that our president is trying to get done will bring social and economic costs to the nation. Since 72 percent of DACA recipients share families with American citizens, the repeal would also have negative impact on communities nationwide (Li, 2017).

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(Li, 2017) For recipients under the DACA program many things are being done. The community for undocumented people is being attacked in various ways, which open our eyes to see that they’re people who can’t defend themselves. The council is and will continue to fund initiatives, policies and passing legislation to help with legal advice, education, financial empowerment, healthcare and many more things that we can. With this help they can continue to pursue their better lives while we’ll able to come to a solution to keep them under protection, especially under Trump’s presidency. (Li, 2017) Also, there are programs that are trying to help recipients in various ways. There are many programs, groups, or people willing to help and support DACA recipients. For instance, the Council’s Immigrant Health Initiative gives accessibility to immigrants and an expansion will be done to include mental health services. We also have the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, gives immigrants accessibility to lawyers when they are facing deportation and they don’t have to pay for it. Another program is the Immigrant Opportunity Initiative, when a Dreamer is in need to renew their status or get authorization to work this program gives them access to legal assistance that is free to them as well. One more program is CUNY sponsored Citizenship Now! Program which allows them to reduce barriers to naturalization. With these program’s opportunities open-up or become possible to these recipients.

(Kendall, 2017) The solutions and how we solve the problem of American’s being against DACA/ immigrants or seeing them as a threat without bashing the undocumented is by the Dream Act being passed by congress. This solution has been out there for years and hasn’t been thought. The Dream Act is concise and an obvious solution. We need to go back, and review immigration and it’ll move us towards the right direction. Also, there needs to be more protections for the Dreamer's and undocumented people that contribute. Today under Trump’s administration immigrants are spotted and then deported even if they have temporary citizenship, especially during this time where he attempting to repeal this program. This won’t happen if the Dream Act is passed by congress, DACA is made constitutional, and more protections are made from those under the program. (Orozco & Orozco, 2018) The future hold many both opportunities and downfalls for the DACA recipients. An entirely new cartography of immigration is unfolding in real time. T The reality is that the children of immigrants are the only sector of the population in nearly all high-income countries that is growing, and we must seek to integrate them. These children gravitate to cultural norms, embrace the English language and improve the education levels. The success of these children in our society will shape our destiny. (Kendall, 2017) The outcome/impact that will happen if Trump attempts to repeal the DACA program can leave both side with a big loss. Since June 15, 2018, DACA has been able to help over 800,000 undocumented people receive a higher education, which has helped them receive an education and be eligible for jobs that weren’t possible before. If Trump’s attempt to repeal follows through, then It will have a huge impact on our economy. The labor force will begin to decrease causing the economy to shrink. If this repeal does happen it will not just take away something from the recipients but from our county too. American’s don’t see that there is more harm being done if undocumented people are deported than left here to live a better life while helping us in the process.

Having American’s support and care for immigrants and programs that help them is important because immigrants contribute and play a huge role in our country that not only benefits them, but American’s as well. By figuring out what are the negative point of views American’s have and the reasons behind it, making changes that will have American’s care from immigrant and support it and what role immigrants play in our country and their importance will help to solve the problem. Figuring out what the reasons behind the negative point of view American’s have will help with making changes to have them on board and open their eyes to see how beneficial the immigrants are. Making changes to have American’s care will show them there is something being done that’ll benefit them both. Making the DACA program constitutional will help not just immigrants/ DACA recipients but also American’s.

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