Why DACA Is An Important Immigration Law In The USA

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DACA is a federal government program that was created by Barack Obama in 2012. It stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which gives temporary protection to undocumented immigrants who were brought here illegally as children. Last year, The Trump administration announced that they planned on getting rid of the program. Since them, DACA has become a controversial topic, because America is split over who should stay in the country and who should be deported. According to a survey by Politico and Morning Consult, 56% of American voters support DACA and its benefits. The DREAMers should be allowed to stay in the U.S., because they benefit our economy and society.

Without DREAMers, our economy would fail, so letting them stay would keep our country out of less debt. The author of article 2 wrote in paragraph 4, “If DACA recipients were allowed to become full U.S. citizens, it is estimated that they could contribute an additional nearly $505 million in state and local taxes.” This evidence shows that we would make more money in taxes from immigrants if they could be full citizens. In the same paragraph, it says, “If these almost 690,000 workers are deported...the U.S. would lose $60 billion in federal taxes and $460.3 billion in economic growth over 10 years.' If DACA ended, all of those working people that pay taxes would have to leave, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars. The DREAMers really help the U.S. tremendously, and it would be so unfair to them to kick them out of the country because of their legal status.

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Nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrant children have been helped through DACA. That’s a lot of children that could have an impact on America. The author of article 2 wrote, “They deserve an opportunity to contribute to the country they have known most of their lives.” This evidence is important because many of the children brought here illegally don’t know their home country like they do America. Deporting them to a country that isn’t familiar to them is definitely not the right thing to do, when those children could get a good education, a good job, or even join the army to fight for America. In the same article, it said, “Allowing these students to stay is also a great incentive for these young people to pursue a higher education or military service.” These children most likely came from countries that don’t have as good of an education system as America does. They deserve the right to a good education so that they can have a good future. Every immigrant child deserves the same opportunities that any other person has. These children are our future doctors, soldiers, and world leaders, and DACA helps them ensure that.

The final reason that immigrants protected through DACA should be allowed to stay in the country because many of these people are seeking refuge from their war torn countries, and America should be here for these people during hard times. Many Americans believe that because of the 9/11 bombing, that all immigrants are terrorists because the people that planned the attack were from the Middle East. Donald Trump has bad-mouthed other countries and their citizens, e.g., claiming that all Mexicans are murderers or rapists, which gave all of his supporters a chance to let their inner racist come out. These people are wrong because America is called “The Land of the Free”, but is it truly free if half of the U.S. thinks that immigrants don’t have rights to live here because they are “illegal”? These people only want to be able to live the “American Dream”, and for their children to grow up with better opportunities than they had, just like any other parent would want for their child.

If DACA ended, not only would it be extremely costly, but it would put the DREAMers in a tough situation, because they would have to find their way around a country that they aren’t familiar with. The United States would lose great amounts of money, which we don’t need considering that according to the FY19 Federal Budget, the gross federal government debt is estimated to be $21.48 trillion. Many people call immigrants the derogatory term “illegal aliens”, but what they don’t realize is how important immigrants are to the U.S. They benefit us in so many ways, which is why all Americans should stand with them to keep them in the country.

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