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Gender Sports Teams Shouldn't Exist

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We have all heard the saying “boys are stronger than girls”. And because of this commonly known saying, it is engraved in our minds, and daily lives. But is this true? Science has proven that males are naturally stronger than females, even comparing the same weight from males to females, females averagely have less muscle mass than males. But what about the people that are equal to men physically, there are extraordinary females who aspire to make the world equal for every gender. In this world some males and females that are physically equal to each other, who play sports, so why can’t males and females be on the same sports team? This is why gendered sports teams should not exist. First, males and females work best together as a team. Second, in the past decade we as a country have been more accepting of people who do not fit the ‘traditional’ description. And finally, ever since the Olympics started on April 6, 1896 mens sports world records still trump over females records in professional sports. This is why gendered sports teams should be no more.

First of all, males and females work best together as a team. Communicating with the opposite gender doesn’t come naturally, it is a skill many people have to develop over time. But if males and females are separated from a young age, they will have to learn to communicate with each other later in life, is that a well thought out plan? How impossible is it to eliminate all gendered sports teams? On a standard basis most men have higher testosterone levels than women. On a fairness level men would normally beat women at a game of baseball. But what about teamwork and communication? Mental aspects matter just as much as physical aspects. According to Bright Network, communicating with the opposite gender in sports teams generates skills like “teamwork, leadership, time management, competition and sportsmanship, handling pressure, management and responsibility, and commitment”. Even though males and females have different ways of communicating that doesn’t mean it is impossible for males and females to work together on a sports team. According to an article by Virginia Backaitis on the New York Post, “there has been a call to revisit the way women and men work together” many people are saying that shutting the other gender out, does not fix things, but it only makes things worse. A good example of not shutting out the opposite gender comes from an article written by ‘Independent School Parent’, Alleyns School in Dulwich, uses “The combined talents of the team’s boys and girls” this “resulted in victory in the London Cup” While the team still consists of 10 males and 2 females it is still a mixed gender team, they can clearly communicate substantially, given their results.

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Second of all, in the past decade we as a country have been more accepting of people who do not fit ‘the traditional’ description. Specificaly transgender people, trangender meaning “relating to, or being a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth”. In one case, when a young female feels like a boy but looks like a female, how is the young female supposed to participate in gendered sports teams when appearances still matter more than who you are on the inside. There shouldn’t have to be special exceptions for people who look different. For example, according to Cheryl Radachowsky from the New York Post, she has a son who identifies as a female. Alanna excels at sports, and has led her team to 3 consecutive championships. It is not clear that her team is made out of both males and females. She excels in sports doesn’t mean she gets away with being bullied on a daily basis. Luckily, her school allows males to play against females, so whatever someone identifies as, they can still play sports without being the odd one out. Unfortunately, most schools don’t allow that to happen. Which restricts athletes from participating in team sports.

Finally, ever since the Olympics started on April 6, 1896 mens sports world records still trump over females records in professional sports. Say for example if you search up “Olympic Records” the first link on google is “men’s track and field”. But what if there were no gendered teams, females would push themselves to a safe limit to beat men. It might seem crazy to think of a woman beating a man in professional sports, but we all thought that doing a 900 on a skateboard was crazy, until Tony Hawk was the first male to complete a 900. That’s only because we as humans are closed minded. According to a piece written by Cheryl Radachowsky in the New York Post “Even when mens testerone levels match that of a biological woman, the men’s competitive advantages remained almost fully intact”. It is a well known fact that men can be more competitive than women. According to an article written by Selin Kesebir on the Harvard Business review, “the average woman is less competitive than the average man”. On a competitive scale males beat out females for competitiveness.

To conclude, there are many more reasons why gendered sports teams should no longer exist, that were not covered. But there are also reasons to stay put, given the physical difference between males and females. Although there are both pros and cons to mixed gender teams, these consequences should not prevent the sports community from considering all the factors, since the way a person looks should not restrain them from their success. This is why genders sports should be no more.

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