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The Role Of Individual Techniques In Volleyball

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While volleyball is classified as a team sport, individual technique is a vital component to a team’s success. Maddy’s game performance lacked in a particular basic technique known as the overhand serve. This was observed when the ball lacked power to reach the opponents defence. The serve poses a great purpose in a game; “No volleyball play can begin without a serve, and the serve is the only technique that is totally under your control” – Kerch Kiraly (Strength and Power Volleyball, 2007). To continually have possession a fault free serve is require. By lacking in a powerful serve means to forfeit a point and sacrifice your team’s success by not mastering a versatile technique. Any activity requiring a ball to travel a certain trajectory and distance requires power in order to achieve it successfully. The fitness component known as muscular power is the capability to use strength in an explosive manner while using muscle contractions (Amezdroz et al., 2010).

To understand what is classified as a successful overhand serve, a biomechanical analysis was undertaken to recognize and identify Maddy’s error. It was evident, Maddy significantly lacked in power as the ball struggled to reach the net. This error can be directly linked to her inadequate technique.

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Sir Isaac Newton’s laws form a foundation for understanding efficient human movement in physical activity such as volleyball. To summon maximum momentum and power, multiple body parts are required to cause an impact on an object such as a stationary ball. To continue to produce efficient momentum, ideal sequencing of the body parts is required to begin from the larger limbs and extend to the extremities such has the hands, fingers or feet (Amezdroz et al., 2010).

In relation to the overhand serve, the ultimate sequential movement of body’s parts typically commences from the step of the foot to the hips, shoulders, elbow, forearm and hand. By achieving this exemplary bio-mechanical structure the fitness component known as muscular power will be employed into the serve and will have a greater trajectory to reach the opponents defence. In addition, another crucial principle to contribute to optimum power is the point in time the body parts are utilised (Amezdroz et al., 2010). As seen in this video, two large body’s parts, the hips and shoulders, aren’t utilised at the correct time. These body parts are exploited at the exact point in time whereas, it is advised the hips are activated first followed by the shoulder. By identifying this error, the bio-mechanical structure was applied within the drill, emphasising in principles to improve her power in distance.

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