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Volleyball is an international sport invented by William Morgan in 1895. It’s a game composed of 2 teams that face each other on opposite sides with a ball and a net in the middle of the court. It’s a popular sport that includes rules and competition such as in championships and matches or tournaments. It's available for both males and females and has great value for physical fitness and health.

This sport contains rules and consequences for actions that disobey the rules. For example fouls. There are common fouls that often or usually occur in volleyball. The most common foul is net contraction. Most players accidentally touch the net. This counts as a foul and the other team gets the point or ball. Other common faults or faults include: lifting the ball, blocking a serve, hitting the ball 2 times in a row or after each other, reaching under the net, crossing the line of the court, and when the 3 players in the back get in front of the 3 attackers.

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Each foul has a consequence which is usually when the referee gives a point to the other team or the ball. But sometimes actions can lead to strict consequences such as getting a yellow card or red from the referee. Serious violations or injuries can lead to a yellow card which is a warning and a red card which makes the player leave the match. The cards are usually given for misconduct either verbally or physically. For example, verbal abuse can occur in volleyball due to anger over losing. This leads to a penalty which is the yellow card then the red card which causes a side out and benching.

Some people who enjoy volleyball have exercises to improve their skills. These exercises can be done either alone or with a partner. There are some exercises for improving shooting that can be done alone. For example, practicing against a surface is a great practice for shooting. A person can shoot the ball against a wall and the power or reflection will determine how powerful his shot was. Another exercise for shooting is shooting the ball at a specific target which improves the accuracy of shooting when the person comes to play volleyball.

Another exercise for shooting is practicing servers and jump shooting in an open field to practice on distance needed for the ball to go. A common training exercise for volleyball that can be done alone is jumping jacks as it stretches legs and arms improves flexibility and makes it easier to jump in volleyball thus making it easier to shoot and block.

There are also some exercises that can be done with a partner or a teammate. One of the simple exercises I shooting the ball towards your partner or teammate and then he returns it. This is one of the most common drills for practicing volleyball. Duo training is an overhead shot. This is where you shout the ball as high as you can then your partner delivers it to you in the air then you shoot again.

A manager needs to know his team well and have a good relationship with them. He must also be able to make and coordinate plans for them so they win their match. In a volleyball match, each team consists of 6 players. Managers use plans either defensive or offensive that require strategy focus and coordination. One of the common plans in a volleyball match is a 5-1 offensive plan.

This is an offensive plan and that could be highly effective as it's used in championships and in most games. This is a popular coordination plan as it is one of the rotation plans. This plan has 5 hitters. There is only 1 setter at the back. This plan focuses on the front-row offense positions. Yet it also has a disadvantage since it focuses so much on the offense and attacking it weakens the defense and changes the balance to one side.

This plan occurs when the serve is played as after the ball is in the air before shooting the back row runs to their front row position to confuse the other teams then when the ball is shot from the serve to the other side and then returns the front row quickly shoots it to the other side very close to make the net tight and hard for the other team to shoot the ball or block it fast or quickly resulting in the first team getting a point. In plan 5-1 the front row is close to the net as they are mimmummly 2 feet close to it. This plan's leader is the setter who stays at the back as he says when to go to the front and when to return. The main goal for the 5-1 plan is to protect the setter and increase attack and block. This plan has six rotations led by the setter. The 1st rotation is called 'stack right'. The 2nd rotation is called 'stack middle' the 3rd rotation is called ' stack left'. These are the main rotations. Other rotations which are 4, 5, and 6 include the setter taking a step forward.

So if I am a manager this is what each player's role is. Player 1 stays in the front and focuses on the upcoming ball towards his side to quickly jump and block. Player 2 should be ready for his rotation mark and go to the front row when his setter gives the mark. Player 3 does the same as Player 1. Player 4 is the setter and has the main role of controlling and organizing rotations each serves. He must focus on the destination of the ball to determine which rotation is needed to use. Player 5 has the same role as 1 and 3. Number 6 is the same as 2. Overall players 1,2,3,5,6 need to focus on the rotations they will move in and be quick and careful. Also according to their front position rotation, they must protect the setter and try not allowing any ball to reach the back.

So this is one of the plans for a volleyball match. But when a match is over it needs to be analyzed and revised to detect flaws and predictions. One of the most popular matches was in 2018 in the world championship in volleyball in the final between Poland and Brazil. And I will be analyzing the first half of that match.

The first half starts with Brazil scoring a quick serve ace which was a strong start. But that hasn’t made Poland any weaker as they have initiated their 5-1 plan rotation which enabled them to score a goal right after the first one from Brazil. Poland with their 5-1 tactic pushes and gets another goal due to their ability to communicate use rotation and follow the setter correctly. However, the Brazil team had a strong shot as they were able to achieve 2 goals using serves which was troubling for Poland since their tactic weakened their defense. At a certain point in time brazil when the score is 3,3 the Brazilians start using their 5-1 tactic. As you can see in the match Poland usually aims the ball for up to down however Brazil usually sends the ball at a far distance. Brazil keeps improving with their combined far-distance shooting and 5-1 tactic yet Poland keeps relying on each other for each block they have. I can see that their team trusts each other and have great chemistry. My most likable moment or strategy in the game that I think was really smart was when Brazil tricked Poland. After the technical timeout brazil was 2 feet or less away from the net and jumped as if they were going to shoot the ball but actually the player just raised it to the sky and another player shot it and scored. Here the Brazilians were able to use the tactic against them as they gave them the idea that they would shoot her so the front row came to this specific area thus opening some space in their field and leaving it making the player able to aim at that empty spot and score. The first half ended with Poland winning against Brazil 28 to 26. Poland won in the first match half since with every move Brazil was making Poland was gaining knowledge. Meaning that they learned how to overcome each skill or move the Brazilian planes. Since Poland learned to not keep spaces open this didn’t allow Brazil to trick them twice. They also learned how to block Brazil's high serves and strong shots by practicing during the match itself with every ball passing. So I think that Poland put in a great effort in this half as they used their brain in the game and not only their body.

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