Gender Roles in the Massachusetts Bay Colony: Analytical Essay

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The time of the events that the book states that the story is set is the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony during the years 1642 to 1649, the novel tells the story of Hester Prynne, who gives birth to a daughter through an affair and is punished for it. Throughout time people have asked how and why females were treated differently through these last couple of decades, how Hester Prynne was treated by the people, and also how they treated Pearl. The daughter of Hester.

Do you think that women of this current timeline have always received the same level of respect as they have been given nowadays? Today, women are treated with respect as well as compared to their counterparts in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and how they have been treated even better than those in the very early years of America( James, par 3)

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. Women in the past were not allowed to have freedoms and rights, their personality and their life were stripped and they were always being forced to meet the constraining point of view that the traditional American would see. Women of the new America are granted a level of recognition and a level of respect unexplored by American women from past generations. Women were judged very unfairly in the past. Throughout American history (Hawthorne, pg 34)

Hawthorne is usually not really straightforward in his way to see Hester as a strong woman worthy of admiration. He always has a way to confuse, in combination with the way gender roles are said in The Scarlet Letter, it makes some readers into deciding that Hester is weak and her behavior unacceptable. But in fact, even those actions that might strike us as tricky self-defeating become, from closer reading, evidence of Hester’s strength. “Finally, all other difficulties being obviated, women cannot take advantage of these preliminary reforms, until she herself shall have undergone a still mightier change; in which, perhaps, the ethereal essence, wherein she has her truest life, will be found to have evaporated. A woman never overcomes these problems by the exercise of thought.'(Hawthorne, pg 67) This quote describes how women had an extra hard time that men did not have. They had no place in society women also had to deal with the trials that they face at home such as raising kids or washing and making clothes for the whole family. Women have an extra burden while men do not.

During these times it was not easy for almost anyone, especially for Hester Prynne, she was seen as a threat to the city people because she broke all the rules. If everyone does whatever they want, then a community would have it very difficult time surviving at any point in time and any place, that book says that was a very special community created for a very special purpose, and therefore the expectations are higher. The intention of the community leaders was to be 'the city on a hill'. The way that book says that it entire world how to create a society where the town church and their government are one and the same. They felt that God would reward them for their good doings, but only if everyone in society follows the laws and put them into practice. The leaders felt safe and had a sense of comfort that would help to ensure their survival and success. Therefore, when anyone behaves in such a way that does not conform to the standard, it could bring lots of danger to the community. One of the rules is that a person cannot sleep with anyone aside from their partner because, for them, lustfulness and or nonholy. when 

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