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Momentary Lapse of Sanity: Critical Analysis of Hamlet

This paper aims to discuss the possibility of prince Hamlet being, in fact mentally ill, or wheter he was just such a bright mind that all the intended madness could have been staged and well-planned beforehand. The first significant problem arises with the fact that William Shakespeare wrote the play Hamlet with such a great and thorough depiction of characters as it is. This makes the recognition of certain patterns in the behaviour of the characters and understanding various puns...
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Madness And Insanity In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

Hamlet is a dramatic tragedy written by William Shakespeare around 1600, but the play was first performed in 1609. Hamlet is the son of the King of Denmark, who has passed away. The “ghost” of the King of Denmark visits Hamlet and tells him to avenge his death by killing the new King, Hamlet’s uncle. Hamlet pretends to be mad, contemplates life and death numerous times, and seeks revenge for his father’s death. By the end of the play, Hamlet...
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Examples of Hamlet's Madness

Madness can be defined as a severely disordered state of the mind usually caused by a mental disorder. Madness can arise in people who endure traumatic experiences and stress and cannot find a way to control their behaviour. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, whether or not Hamlet is truly mad is controversial. Hamlet is in an extremely fragile mental state after the death of his father and the recent marriage of his mother and Claudius. Hamlet’s confrontation with the ghost triggers his...
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Role of Pretense of Madness in Hamlet by Shakespeare

In Hamlet, the pretense of madness was a huge part of this play. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet had severe consequences for all the characters. However, referring to the main protagonist Hamlet, he was mainly the character that has been affected negatively. Hamlet experiences different ways of loss throughout the play because of his decision to act mad. Furthermore, individuals who act over madness to take revenge must experience losses in their lives. To start off, individuals who act mad will misjudge...
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The Meaning Of Madness In Hamlet

The play ‘Hamlet’, by William Shakespeare, is a disastrous story that traps frenzy, trickery, and lies so as to have exact retribution present in ‘Hamlet.’ Throughout the play Hamlet searches out his reprisal on his uncle influencing everybody around him, just as other people who search out requital. By doing as such those around Hamlet turn out to be a piece of the web Hamlet has weaved just to convey his dads request. In the play different individuals search out...
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Hamlet: The Freedom Of Action Madness Provides

Shakespeare’s Hamlet explores the freedom that madness provides through setting and the characterisation of Hamlet and Ophelia, presenting the freedom their changing speech and behaviour provide. Shakespeare emphasises the liberty of Hamlet and Ophelia’s seemingly irrational actions against their confined status and actions in a rigid social structure where women still “obey” a male figure and Princes feel trapped in a “prison.” Hamlet uses the façade of madness to “put on an antic disposition”, to find his father’s murderer. Shakespeare...
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Essay on Hamlet: Themes of Appearance Versus Reality, Madness, Revenge, and Corruption

What is arguably Shakespeare’s greatest play, “The Tragedy of Hamlet,” is understood to be a revenge tragedy, however, it is quite an odd one at that. Unlike his other plays that came off as deceptive, Shakespeare took a turn when writing Hamlet and added uncertainty. In his opening lines, William Shakespeare writes, “Who’s there?… Nay answers me. Stand and unfold yourself.” Shakespeare presents the delay of truth and caution through this opening line, which is later revealed to be the...
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The Evidences Of Hamlet's Madness: Essay

Shakespeare’s Hamlet has become a story for the ages. The play, written sometime between 1599 and 1601, has been produced thousands of times on stage and has been adapted into countless musicals, films, ballets, and moreover the past four centuries. The story behind Shakespeare’s Hamlet has been around for longer than the play, predating it by more than 500years. The purpose of this essay is to discuss if Hamlet is truly mad or is just merely acting to be mad....
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Representation of Loss, Madness and Grief in Hamlet

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a play about a tragedy that invokes many different ideologies about the meaning of loss and how it goes hand in hand with both madness and grief. Hamlet, throughout the play, portrays the underlying theme of madness and the loss of his father triggers his insanity and he quickly starts to stray farther and farther from reality causing him to ponder suicide and seek revenge, which then sparks concerns from the people around him. It is evident...
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Shakespeare's Discerning View on Hamlet's Madness

In Hamlet by Shakespeare, the view of Madness can often be seen as a simple exhibit of “eccentric behavior”. But through the characters in the play we see that each of them alters their own Madness creating a most divine sense of themselves and their Madness. therefore, Shakespeare views the madness in Hamlet with a “Discerning Eye”. The main character Hamlet is the first to reveal that his actions of Madness for being controlled by the madness that is inside...
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Revenge And Madness In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

Although revenge is the most obvious theme in Hamlet, Shakespeare writes extensively about madness. As the play progresses, the thin line between sanity and madness blurs, leaving readers to wonder if Hamlet is insane. Ophelia has a minor role in the play, but the theme of madness is central to her story. Even Claudius has moments of madness when he is not acting as the chief mourner of Denmark. Of these three characters, it is Ophelia whose madness is genuine....
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Hamlet Madness An An Identity Crisis

Throughout William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the writer displays the protagonist as someone who thinks of himself inferior to others, yet he rationalizes the choices he makes in his life. On these two occasions you either can contemplate whether or not he is even mad or is he just putting it off as an act to prove a point. Hamlet undergoes several tragedies that lead him to act increasingly mad rather than feigned. His madness is revealed in his identity crisis...
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The Anatomy Of Hamlet's Melancholy

Hamlet is a play exploring the life of a prince after the murder of his father and his quest for revenge. Yet through this, we see the main character Hamlet struggles emotionally with melancholy and what many people assume to be his descent into ‘madness.’ Robert Burton argues that there are two types of melancholiac’s those who are sad, as sad things have happened, and those who have let themselves be consumed by their sadness. It is Those who have...
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The Reasons For Hamlet Madness

The word “madness” or “insanity” can be linked with the malicious acts of many. Being mad can be defined as the state of being mentally ill, or unable to behave in a reasonable way (Cambridge Dictionary n.d.). In the setting of a courtroom, a culprit may plead insanity as an excuse for their wrong-doings, and they would have to pass certain tests (depending on where the crime took place) to determine whether their claim is valid. Insanity can be viewed...
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The Consequences Of Hamlet Madness

Today we have before you a good man whose mental state never had a chance to stand in this cruel world. A good man whose heart is just one of a mere boy’s, mourning the loss of his father. Betrayed by all, with the exception of one friend, our good prince stood alone in the world pondering whether to be or not to be. Won’t that always be the question? This is a relatable man with relatable features; every man...
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