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The Consequences Of Hamlet Madness

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Today we have before you a good man whose mental state never had a chance to stand in this cruel world. A good man whose heart is just one of a mere boy’s, mourning the loss of his father. Betrayed by all, with the exception of one friend, our good prince stood alone in the world pondering whether to be or not to be. Won’t that always be the question? This is a relatable man with relatable features; every man who has felt the “pangs of despised love” knows this man. Every man whose mind has sunken away into a world beyond what is in front of him as his heart cries with sadness, bitterness, and remorse knows this man. Every one of us here today knows this man, for every one of us is this man. We are Hamlet.

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In the events of what has transpired from this murder trial leading up to now I must again regard to the ladies and gentlemen of the court of the fact that my client was mentally unstable and that his actions did not have just cause in terms of him knowing what he was doing within the time frame of the murder. He was just a prince with a tormented soul who suffered immensely of the loss of father, killed by those close to him, you know who you are. To think otherwise would deny the fact. It would brandish him a man of genuine incompetence of the dire consequences for his full-blown actions and behaviour. What he has done is no more guilty as how his madness has represented him to be in some insane form that has recreated his uncontrolled being to the point that he is beyond recognition to all who once knew and loved him. Though I am not excluding the fact that Polonius was murdered by Hamlet, I am including that this case contains insanity that makes no judgment call in deciding who dies and who lives. The deciding factor of Polonius’ fate is unknown, but what is known is that his death was not planned from the beginning.

You all have the choice in deciding one’s fate today. He stands here before you in spirt. Choose what you all deem fit for him but choose wisely for the lasting effects will forever change the ending to this tragic story of a tragic man’s life. Let me ingrain these last thoughts in you on this particular moment. Young Hamlet was indeed wrong with his actions, but one cannot base all assumption upon his character and personality. That makes it uniquely his own on what madness in the namesake of revenge can ever amount to being in who he truly is inside. Judge not the false pretences of his actions, but that of the content of his character, for in what we seek here in this dark, dreary room, one shall find the answer. In conclusion to this case, I consensually believe that my client is not a murderer. He is, in essence, a man whose blinded and wretched madness sought the need to fulfil his revenge that further convulsed the murder of Polonius. What we have seen before us today is comparable to taking a box of puzzle pieces and dropping them on the ground before us. We have been given all of the pieces, and each one has a definite placement, but now it is up to you to decide which pieces go where. Put together the small ambiguous details to create the larger picture, and those pieces should spell NOT GUILTY.


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