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Grief And The Hysterical Feminist

Art is not therapy. As a young artist, expressing grief and trauma through art, this is what I was told by an art teacher. In order to examine, unpack and refute this comment, this narrative exploration will define the use of art as a therapeutic tool, the differences and links between art and art therapy, storytelling from the female perspective, the rise of feminist art and female artists who use their practice to talk about trauma and grief. When I...
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Association Between Miscarriage And Major Depressive Disorder

Reproducing is an ability that human beings are born with. Since the beginning of the process of reproduction, most of the human beings would celebrate with joy and would even been on cloud nine (Li et al, 2020). However, not every human being would be that fortunate enough to give birth successfully to the next generation, especially some women would encounter miscarriage, which is indeed a really painful experience to undergo with. Plus, miscarriage is indeed something not extraordinary, but...
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Is Grief Formed By Death?

Grief is a part of your life that is lucidly unavoidable no matter the age of the person. When someone is grieving it can be over multiple different reasons. Many people think of death when someone states they are grieving but this is because many people have already experienced it and can relate to the grieving process themselves. Even though it is unavoidable from happening, there are ways we do get through it. These steps are known as the four-component...
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Grief: Impact On Mental Health After Death Of A Parent During Childhood

Grief is a normal and natural occurrence in life that can stem from various situations such as a loss of a loved one, a job, a move, or anything that causes a person to mourn. When a person experiences grief there is a variety of emotions that may cause the inability to carry on with normal activities. It may leave a person feeling numb and dissociated from life. Since grief is a personal experience and is a process that can...
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Grief And Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a new reality marked by great loss and grief. With social events such as weddings, meetings, family gatherings, and travelling cancelled or reduced to the minimum in the wake of the virus many people are feeling all alone. This is because individuals are no longer able to meet and socialize for fear of contracting the deadly virus and this is having a toll on them. Being confined at one place can be traumatizing...
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Overcoming Loss And Grief By Children And Adults

Children, adolescents, and adults, experience, understand and react to the passing of a loved one or passing of any person differently. Grief is normal and an expected response in anyone that experiences a loss; however, the symptoms of grief are often misunderstood in children and youngsters going through bereavement. When a loved one dies, how a child and/or adolescent’s grief will depend on many factors and will differ among children in several ways. Theories and research indicate children’s individual characteristics,...
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Factors And Resolving Of Grief

Grief is a combination of what one feels and what one thinks when a loss or separation has occurred. These feelings often arise after the loss of a person, event, status, relationship, pet, etc. Grief can occur after a divorce, loss of a job, loss of a pet, or any multitude of events. It even occurs when a 12-year-old has his bicycle stolen. Frequently one thinks of the death of a loved one as a grief event, but grief occurs...
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Delayed Grief: Stages And Coping

Introduction Losing a loved one can be a tailspin of emotions, a feeling of lack of control in one’s own life, and a chasm in the normalcy of daily life (Harden, Holding onto Motherhood during the Grief Process, 2018). According to (McCroby, 2018) grief is a serious of stages with a predictable start and end which involves every dimension of our lives – spiritual, psychological, physical, and social. Grieving is an encompassing process that can be observed from the biological...
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The Stages Of Grief In Different Life Experiences

Grief is an expected intense sadness and misery in response to the death of a loved one, so the statement ‘Grief is a sign of weakness’ is one we disagree on. The passing of a person brings out emotions it is inevitable and affects all of us (part of human life). There is more to grief than just the internal feelings, there is spiritual, physical and social experiences. Grief is a topic that is hardly spoken about in numerous homes,...
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The Stages of Grief In The Catcher In The Rye

The five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with what we’ve lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling, but they are not stops on a linear timeline in grief (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross). In some point of life, grief will be experienced creating effects that vary based on the person. Grief can break, dent, change, or simply make a...
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The Concepts Of Grief And Loss In Judaism

The process of grief and loss has been in existence since the earliest days of life. The development of new cultures and religions has influenced the way in which grief and loss is practiced and viewed in different communities. Specifically, one of the world’s oldest religions that influenced a new style of grief and loss is Judaism which was introduced about four thousand years ago. Jewish grief and loss styles are built upon their unique development of beliefs in religion,...
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Representation of Loss, Madness and Grief in Hamlet

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a play about a tragedy that invokes many different ideologies about the meaning of loss and how it goes hand in hand with both madness and grief. Hamlet, throughout the play, portrays the underlying theme of madness and the loss of his father triggers his insanity and he quickly starts to stray farther and farther from reality causing him to ponder suicide and seek revenge, which then sparks concerns from the people around him. It is evident...
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William Blake And Coleridge Poetry On Grief

Loss, death, grief, pain is an impactful subject for the romantics. Death and loss are not only of human beings but death can also be of the abstract notions. Grief and pain are also felt on the loss of any feeling, emotions or loss of imagination. Grief was different for the romantic poets. Coleridge’s “Dejection: An Ode” is an autobiographical poem in which he laments over his loss of creative imagination. To him imagination was a natural gift which when...
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